Friday, September 18, 2009

Lessons In Insecure Women # 199 - Public Love

In a relationship it is so easy to feel


under appreciated

and even unattractive.

It happens.

I admit, I feel that way quite a bit.

In the spirit of giving credit where it is due, I'd like to share something with you that was written in a public forum when my significant other was asked to give his opinion about an unimportant subject (being my hair colour). The message that came across to me, however, was extremely important.

So men (and women) - here is one way to let a girl know she's your #1:

"What I think.

I'll go on record right now with what I think.

I think that my gal here is a beautiful woman. I am fine admitting I am a lucky guy, and I'm pretty sure that's old news.

What I know about beautiful women is this, you can do anything you want to what they wear, or how they have their hair, and their beauty will always radiate. Dark hair or light, Kris won't change. She will be either a beautiful blond baby, or a beautiful brunette siren. It's her smile, and her general aura that knocks people out. It comes from the brain and is made apparent by her actual physical looks.

Tell ya what. So Canada's Next Top Model was here last week, we got to meet her and all that. She was as beautiful here as she was on the show, yet looked way different. It didn't matter. She stood in front of Kris, and to be honest, she was still the second hottest woman in the room. So case closed.

Any woman, who can upstage a supermodel, in her casual jeans and an Alice in Chains t-shirt, then proceed to have 5 gay men unanimously agree that she was by far the sexier beast, could cut her hair off and stick it out her ass like My Little fucking Pony and still be the hottest woman in the room.

So I say dark, just because it's the unknown, and Kris simply wants a change anyhow. So why not. Ain't gonna move my perception."

On that day, this was the best thing I could've read.

In his own little way, he knew how to make me feel like a giant.

Thank you.


Shaz said...

The mould he was made in, I want it.

ghost said...

thats a good man. and he's right.

Masuka said...

Craig, stop makin' the rest of us look so bad.

Krista said...

take notes, dudes this is how it's done.

and yeah, he's spot on!

Anonymous said...

He is a lucky guy.

Kris said...

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Made C feel good! Which was sorta the point here...

Anonymous said...

After my disappointment in the last post I am not going to comment on this one either, dammit!


Kris said...


What's wrong with em?

Born with a big mouth! said...

good boy~! :)

it's all in how you feel about yourself really ....

oh and go dark - it's fun and you are lucky you can do blond or brunette. I may have to wear a blond wig for halloween just to see what people think!

Kris said...

I dig your hair, Erin.

you look great dark!

Mike D. said...

Uhm, Ive been saying nicer things than this for a lot of years. Where is the post to talk about how awesome I am?

Kris said...

Up your ass. Where your head is.

Kidding... I dunno. What would I write?

ghetto.punk.chic said...

Well done C.

Also, I would like to see you with your hair coming out of your ass like My Little Pony. Just sayin.

Kris said...

Gimme the purple hair, and I'll place it as per your wishes, baby!

supertomek said...

that's "My Little fucking Pony" :D
fuckin' classic! :)

Kris said...

He's a clever boy!

Anonymous said...

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