Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Love Poem

No time to update
Work has my brain spun around
Craving a cold beer


It's Haiku time again.

Cuz I'm too busy for you.

And I think we should see other people.

... ok,ok, I've changed my mind. I want you to be committed to me, and only me.

So I think we can survive this.

The lack of updates? It's only a phase I'm going through.

We can make it.

You've just gotta have faith... in me... in us...

...and in the interwebbery that we both can share.



Shaz said...

This post should only be read while listening to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'"

ghost said...

still here.

Kris said...

shaz - you're so right. how did i not think of that?

ghost - be still my bloggin' heart, sir ;)

Aaron Fail said...

Shambled Ramble withdrawal here!

Kris said...

Sorry friend.

You'll get yer fix right quick.

Mike D. said...

Excuses. You're full of them.

Kris said...

Bullshit. Yer full of it.

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