Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Man Is An Island... Neither Is A Fish

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...uh... I mean Toronto Island:

K - Look at me, I'm on a Ferry! First time on a ferry.

C - Yeah, just stand still for the picture.

K - Look at me! Goin' to Toronto Island. First time at Toronto Island.

C - I know. This is why I'm posing for a picture.

C - Watch me catch a fish.

K - Sorry. Too busy playing with your camera's fun functions. Fun-ctions. Get it? Meh.

C - Didn't catch a damn thing. Luckily I look good in black and white.

K - Oh.. sorry bout that. I've changed the setting.

K - See? It looks all old timey. Don't you like things that look old timey?

C - Guess so. Hand me a beer, would ya?

K - Voila! Le swan! In old timey fashion!

C- I see that you drank all the beer. No wonder you're going picture crazy.

Swan - Allo. I am an old timey swan.

K - Craig... the swan just talked. No more beer for me.

K - Back to colour! Look how purty our city can be.

C - It'd be a lot prettier if there were more fish in that water.

C - This'll be the spot. It's calling my name...

K - That's funny, I didn't hear a damn thing.

K - Dora is exploring the woods! So THAT'S how she got her name

C - Who?

K - Nothing.

K - We found the Trout Pond!

C - I found a snag.

K - I don't think you should walk on that thing...

C - Why not? I won't fall.

* Fast forward to Craig falling into the water and temporarily busting his cell phone*

K - Stop being a chicken and get in the water.

C - No thanks. I'm playing with my camera.

K - It's really effin' cold.

C - Exactly my point. Silly girl.

... 200 pictures later:

C - Do something.

K - I'm running away, vile paparazzi!

K - Time to pack it in, that guy keeps watching me and touching his fishing rod.

C - Yeah. Sorry bout that.

C - One more shot at catching fish before we go eat.

K - I'm gonna hazard a guess that it's not fish we'll be eating...

K - I may have bites on my ass from red ants, but I had fun!

C - The only bites I got were bugs. I'ma sad.

K - Yay, another ferry ride!

C - Yay, I figured out the timer on my camera! I feel better.

The End.


PilloLuvr said...

Great shot of the Toronto skyline.

Kris said...

Shpanks Vicki Vale. We got good ones at night too, but I posted far too many pics as it is. I hang my head in shame yet again.

Dick Dale said...

There's no such thing as too many pictures.

Krista said...

I love the swan pic, and I'm pretty much just jealous of this post.

Kris said...

Mick Mail - I'm told quite often that there is.

Krista - Come down to Toronto then, we'll take a trip!

ghost said...

this reminds me of a story i read once as a child. except cooler.

screetus said...

A classic post.

I see you took the smaller ferry over to Ward's Island. This is the cooler ferry, in my opinion. Nicely done.

Kris said...

ghost - did that story have a French swan that could talk?

screetus - I did indeed. We started at one end and moseyed our way across the whole island to the other side. Hence the bajillion pics I took. :)

a smile said...

You forget what mkes you feel special sometimes.

Well i remember now.

i am so in love with the woman that could take a wonderful day, and embold it in a way that would let me relive it every day if I chose.

It's how it's supposed to be

Kris said...

Jesus, boy.

You're trying to make me cry, aren't you?


Kris said...

Actually... i put a hold on the crying, now that i know you were drunk and forgot you ever typed this, til now.


Mike D. said...

I saw boob.

Kris said...

I have none.

Anonymous said...

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