Friday, September 11, 2009

Something Fowl

Labour Day weekend just passed.

I spent mine back home in good ol' Niagara.

I don't know how it happened, but I somehow managed to see almost my entire family and the majority of my best Niagara friends.

A Mansion House gathering is always a good one.

Sorry for the candid photos, but I was too busy enjoying myself with my favourite people. No time to be snap-happy.

and yes....
Oooohhh yes.

A Fat Girl Platter (or FGP) was had by ME.

Please read the entire history of my blog to learn about about its greasy greatness.

The dogs were with me at the folks house because their Daddy went on a fishing trip with the boys.

Luckily my friends and family kept them entertained and tired out.

I made out with a boy.

His name was Jack.

Don't tell Craig.

There are wild turkeys that now live around my old hood.

People even have these signs on their front lawns:

We searched and searched

We the Turkey Lurkers lurked for Turkeys

...but not a turkey was found.

'Cept for this one!

Gobble gobble, kids.


blepharisma said...

Aww you didn't see a turkey? Did they tell you I ran down the street after one? It was awesome! Also, did I tell you I saw Joel? Not with the turkey, but with the wine we were chasing on bikes.

ghost said...

turkies are wily creatures.

Krista said...

Not one turkey seen at all? Maybe you just missed them. ;)

Baron Von Vail said...

That sign's hilarious!

Kris said...

bleph - Yeah, I knew you saw Turkeys. Didn't know you saw Joel!!

ghost - they're really good at hide 'n seek

krista - Apparently as soon as I went home to Toronto, the turkeys were back on our front lawn. They just hate me. Or my dogs.

Sharon Shale - I know, they're poppin' up all over my old hood!

Mike D. said...

Who models turkey signs? You do. That's who.

Kris said...

And leah does! LE-AHHHHH.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where's the makeover video thing? Did I miss it in my absence?


Kris said...


I don't have the video at the moment. I have pics, though.

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