Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ask! Ask! Ask!

I have a new girl crush. I just couldn't help myself.

I know, I know... you're probably thinking "Another one?!"

But it's beyond my control.

Isabella Rossllini is the newest addition to my chick crush roster.

As most of you know, The Toronto Internation Film Festival recently ended.

My dear friend, the lovely Laura, had two tickets to see a screening and discussion with Isabella Rossellini for the Green Porno series.

So we went on a date and both fell in love with Isabella.

Lemme tell ya... She is cute, funny, intelligent and just twisted enough to make me love her.

We weren't the only ones crazy about her. In the audience, there were some folks (including a rocket scientist and other similar professional-types) who were dressed as different animal reproductive systems.

Even an alien one.

They follow Isabella everywhere.


Take a look at one episode of Green Porno. Meet Claudio Campagna and learn something funny, interesting, and then sad.


Such a crush I have.


Mike D. said...

I can see how you would like that. It's very you.

Kris said...

What is? The green-ness? Or the porno-ness?

Mike D. said...

Uhm. Both?

Kris said...


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