Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kristen View

Everyone is going nuts about Google Street View today.

So I checked it out.

Searched my house. Searched my work. Searched the way home from work.

And look what couple I found pictured on said Street View.


I've always wanted to be a blurred face on a public website.

Thank you Google for making a little girl's dream a reality!


Sj said...

Well thats just awesome.

Kris said...

You look good blurred, my dear.

Like a young James Dean. And less dead than him, too.


Shaz said...

d00d! This is awesome.

But also with legs like that, I can't let you be evil Newman. You can be girl archaeologist with the short shorts :P

Kris said...

Shaz, first off... that made me spit out my water.

Secondly, Newman and I have the same legs. Really. The chick archaeologist just wasn't as fun as Newman! :p

screetus said...

I've always wanted to be a blurred guy mooning a public web site.

Oh well, a man can dream.

Kris said...

I'll find out when they're comin' around again. Then I'll let ya know so you can moon while you wait.

Born with a big mouth! said...

this is actually awesome cause they don't update them that often!!

Gage said...

best I could do was spot my car parked at work. Not that thrilling.

RasaMi said...

Insanely cool!!!

I miss you too my darling...tons.

You and that blurry looking guy next to you. Is it me, or he looks even sexier in black?

Anyway...ya...miss you guys man...been a while...I was listening to Mogwai the other day, good times =)

Chill, we must, soon!

Kris said...

Erin - No? So I get to stay up there for awhile then.

Gage - Next time look out for the camera car and make sure they get ya!

Rasam - Ah, the Mogwai. :)

Let us know what you're up to all weekend. Text me or email me or send me telepathic msgs of love.

I'll give C a bug ol' kiss for ya.

Mancrab said...

Check me out at 78 gowan ave.

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