Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Shambled Bathroom PSA

Recently, signs went up in the bathrooms where I work:

Reading them daily makes me think.

Are people not washing their hands anyway, and therefore need to be reminded and threatened with H1N1 before they do?


I made up my own sign:

Look for it in a bathroom near you.

(editors note - Yes. I misspelled genitals. But really, you shouldn't be touching your gentials either.)


Anonymous said...

My first instinct was to rewrite it thusly:

Then go home and stay there until you get better!

Kris said...

True enough.

I took it to mean "Scared of getting h1n1? Wash your hands".

But you're right. It could mean
"Sick with H1N1?"

In which case... please stay away from me.

Gage said...

haha good one!

Masuka said...

Don't even get me started on the amount of times the dudes next door from the station completely destroyed the bathroom and then walked out without washing their hands.. Not even a quick rinse.

...Don't even get me started on the ESL students.... Let's leave residue of random crap on the door knob AND EAT IN THE BATHROOM.. Really, when they were building the station, they should have sprung for a toilet and sink... Patrick would have put fresh flowers in there everyday.... And Sabrina would have been stuck cleaning it hahahaha..

Anonymous said...

Hi K-Drizzle!

Figured I'd comment since we were talking about this earlier today...

Funny how you post about people who don't wash their hands the same day I see a lady scrub her hands clean for at least a good minute and a half to two minutes. Maybe longer, 'cause she was still washing them when I left.

Guess she took the sign to heart.

- J-Money

Kris said...

Masuka - Judging by your comment, I'd say that you miss the ol' radio station. We miss you too. But now, onto your replacement....

J-Money- I'd like to meet this lady, because it's nice to know that SOMEONE washes their damn hands. Masuka's comment above goes double for our washroom, methinks.

Maybe I really should put my sign up ;)

PatZ said...

yeah, yours is kind of way better than the first one. so, go rip it down and put yours up. you could even draw on some gentials with thermometers and looking sick for emphasis.

Kris said...

Ha! Do gentials look like genitals?

I should draw both, just to be sure.

Mike D. said...

Funny post, glad to see it.

Kris said...

Aw shucks, D.

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