Friday, October 9, 2009

White Night

Last weekend I experienced my first Nuit Blanche.

It's pretty much a city-wide art extravaganza, with art installations set up throughout Toronto.

Crazy awesomeness could be a better description.

And so, our favourite Arts & Media Power Couple, Bob & Laura, were our official tour guides and drinking buddies for the evening.

Better late than never, here's my re-cap:

Ready to go!

Three of us looking up at one of the first pieces we came across - I call it "Big Damn Silver Bunny Thing"

Please keep in mind that I had been into the rye prior to and during these shenanigans.

Bob & Laura can out Nuit Blanche any Nuit Blancher. Who else has homemade matching shirts?

No one. That's who.

This is also art.

It's called "One Eyed Mongoloid Hides Behind Man With Facial Hair"

Ok, ok, there's more coming...

Hey, Dave! Who are you?

Dave, if you read this. Email me. I wanna know why YOU get this kinda recognition.

A crazy group of fun-havers.

Another art installation - garbage bags. Laura is nicely asking you to pick up your trash.

Give a larbage.

Throw out your garbage.

This picture is my favourite.

To me, it looks like Craig is suggesting things to Laura that Bob is not impressed with.

We didn't. Whoooops.

What's in the coke bottle?

Couldn't be rye. Just couldn't be.

Ant thing at the Cameron House. These things crawled up the walls.

At least, as far as I can remember. Oh, the foggy brain I have...

I pose in front on an old car because my boyfriend asked me to.

Mama does what Mama's told.


Lit up pylons!

What's better than pylons?


So... I really like pylons.

On our way home, Craig and I passed this.

I'm realizing now how much my pictures fail to explain our night. Did I mention there was rye involved?

The hordes of people romaing the street was unbelievable. After mapping our walk, we now know that we walked 10km across the city.

This is how you a) expand you horizons artistically b) spend time with friends c) get hours of cardio and d) do it all drunkenly.

The. End.


Karen Snail (are these getting annoying?) said...

That's really nifty. If I'd stuck it out at OCA, I'd probably be installing some pretentious thing like glowing mannequins with loaves of bread for heads, but alas...!

Kris said...

Uhh... you still COULD. I wanna see that one.

And no. I'm not annoyed yet. Flarin' Flail.

Melinda said...

What up, photo blog?

Just kidding... :P
I love, love, love the matching sweatshirts. Too cute.

Also, I'm quite jealous that you went to this. i had planned on going, but then life kind of got in the way.

ghost said...

imma need a follow up on that dave thing.

Kris said...

Mindy-Lou-Who - Yeah, I've been TRYING to stay away from over-photo-ing, but in this case it's all I had to remember the night!

I think you would've loved it!

ghost - Yeah. I hope he responds!

Born with a big mouth! said...

a) walking while drinking is always the best time! b) love the cone thingy c) matching couples shirts .... eh, a little much for me!! :)

Kris said...

Ya had to be there, girly! Bet you would've loved em.

Gage said...

damn, I meant to go....

Kris said...

There's always next year :)

Laura said...

I do declare, Great recap of the evenig m'lady... (said with necessary slurry southern accent)...

Umm - to those that are sceptical of our 'matching couples' shirts... didyaknowtheyweremadeoutofanillegallyobtainednuitblanchefromlastyear? doesn't make em any cooler, but i think the mischief factor ups the fun factor.

Kris said...

Oh, mah WORD! It's positively swelterin' in here...

But aside from that - The shirts were awesome. And the fact that they were made from stolen banners from the year before? Awesome AND badass.

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