Monday, November 9, 2009

Breakin' The Law, Breakin' The Law

At the request of my significant other, I am going to post about a dream I had the other night:

It was one of those far-too-real type dreams. Everything was pretty much the same as real life. C and I lived where we do now, only the apartment in the dream was a bit bigger and better.

(It's my dream, I can upgrade if I want to.)

Anyway - as it happened, we ended up in a bit of trouble. It seemed as though my dear law-abiding boyfriend was somehow fixing Leafs games along with our lovely friend Jeff (of Hockey Night In Canada, which may explain things) and got caught.

Not only were they in trouble legally, but the backlash from regular hockey-loving folk was quite bad. Death threats and what-not.

And so, one night I was alone in our dark, floor-to-ceiling windowed, slightly-maybe-kinda-larger-than-normal apartment, when two men came to my door. They informed me that C was in a LOT of trouble, but the biggest danger was the angry mob of pissed-off men who wanted him dead post haste.

He was going to have to go into hiding, also known as The Witness Protection Program.

And therein was where this chick got emotional. In order to stay in a relationship with my boyfriend, I was going to have to move to the States (I think Michigan?), dye my hair blonde (again?!), be re-named Rita (Dexter's wife? No thanks.) and leave a job that I had really wanted.

When C finally came home, he was ready to pack up and leave. I was not. We got into a huge heartbreaking discussion about whether or not I was going to come with him or not.

I woke up crying.

I'm fully ready for the comments about how the dream relates to my relationship, lack of commitment, blah blah blah. But trust - In real life, you'd be reading a blog written by a newly American blonde chick named Rita.

Moral of the story? Witness Protection Program = Kristen crying herself awake.

And to the Toronto Maple Leafs? Don't make this dream a reality.

Win. More.



Not Masuka said...

This dream means you really want to be blonde again.

Mom said...

You would leave me?!!!

Kris said...

Totally Masuka - Give it up, my darling. The blonde isn't coming back. At least not for a while. Come hang out with us, maybe you'll like the brunette better! :)

Mom - I already did, didn't I? But maybe the Witness Protection Prgram will send us back to St. Catharines. Surely, no one would ever look for Craig there, right?

Mike D. said...

You are pretty weird. A lot weird. Gotta luv ya.

Kris said...

Hey, I can't help what happens in my dreams.

Can I?

Anonymous said...

Leafs suck.

RasaMi said...

I'm just glad that these tears had NOTHING to do with me!

ghost said...

its only a matter of time until we get the leafs too. muahahahahahahaha

Kris said...

Anon - tell us how you really feel.

Rasam - Yeah, but they usually do. Because I think your love for C and I has gone away :p

ghost - Well, if you did, then this dream will never become reality. And that's ok!

Shaz said...

This sounds a lot like the plot to an episode to the old animated Batman series...

Kris said...

Aw, man!

My dreams are so unoriginal.


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