Monday, December 14, 2009

Beware of Strangers: A Christmas Story

I was going to make a second Christmas post to follow up my first one. But today I'm just not in a Christmassy mood.

Instead, I'd like to tell you all a story. It's a story of strangers, different paths crossing, and...uh... stop lights. Yeah, and rolling papers. Intrigued? Shouldn't be.

I was walking to work this morning, and stopped to wait for the light so I could cross. A man comes up and mumbles something, then apologizes. I smile and half laugh politely because he looks embarrassed, like he meant to speak but thought better of it.

Man - "You have a beautiful smile."

Me (flustered) - "Oh. Thank you!"

Man - "Really, very beautiful and genuine. Do you have any rolling papers?"

[excellent segue on his part, no?]

Me - "Nope, I don't. Sorry."

Man - "Of course. You've grown out of that habit. I haven't yet." (looks embarrassed)

Me - "Oh, I don't think you have to grow out of it necessarily."

Man - "Yeah, it's the lesser of two evils."

Me - "Right."

Man - "I mean, you've never heard of anyone going out raping and killing people because he was on marijuana right?"

Me - "Ha... no, guess not."

Man - (laughing weirdly) "But hey, maybe it'll make me do that. Who knows." (mumbles weirdly, moves closer to me)

Me - "Ok, bye!" (crosses street)

Moral of the story?

There isn't one. The ending just creeped me out, and I felt the need to share.


Shaz said...

Pepper spray! It's not just for nachos anymore!

Anonymous said...

City's full of wackos.

Clearly this man is a big hit with the ladies. Not.

phx said...


Kris said...

Shaz - Maaan, now I want some nachos!

Screetus - Yeah. Glad I didn't run into him again today... Whew!

phx - My thoughts exactly!

Zig Zag Vail said...

I too used to get the rolling paper request in Toronto. How hard is it to maintain a supply of rolling papers? It's like asking for toilet paper.

Born with a big mouth! said...

that's just strange. Sounds like he was doing more than smoking pot.

Kris said...

Zigga-Zagga - True nuf. Maybe someone will ask me for that today...

Erin - There's a good chance. Besides, he wasn't smoking anything yet, cuz he couldn't find papers!

Mike D. said...

You always attract the wierd ones.

Masuka said...

Had a weird man follow me home last night... The city is full of nutso's.. Army surplus store up the street from you.. bear spray :D

ghost said...

this is why im a certified advocate of the tazer.

Kris said...

D - It's true. Must be my fault :(

Masuka - Yeah, C's been suggesting things I need in my purse to protect me. He won't let me get a gun. Sigh.

ghost - Can you get me one?!?

ghost said...

ill see what i can do.

Bretthead said...

Yeah, you have that commiserate with a rapist killer kind of smile. It's a burden you will have to learn to live with.

Unknown said...

What a nice note to end your year on, yikes.

ghost said...

ok. tazer secured. now to get it across the border...

Anonymous said...

I was just hitting on you, sheesh! I didn't mean to come off as creepy. Usually my raping and killing line is a hit with the ladies.

Danger Owl said...


My take is completely different.

Some people aren't cut out for our society. They are different. They are kind, and gentle, and they like to make people smile.

I've seen and heard about so many sad and horrible things that this world has to offer us. Ugliness that I have only been able to use as the lower end of a barometer i use to measure what I perceive to be the good and bad in life.

I've tried to use this information to keep safe, however I refuse to allow it to create a facade of doom around me. There is goodness, and love, and kindness.

To me that man might have been wayward. Out of touch with reality. Sad. Lonely. High? Mentally injured somehow. He also might just have been a good man who has lost his way.

Sometimes people really just think you're beautiful, and they really do just want to make you smile, and sometimes, they really do just want a rolling paper.

Think about that a little.

It's ok to be afraid, thats your common sense antivirus software preserving your life for you, but never shut out the idea that there are more bright lights out there than we think.

Kris said...

You flip-flop too much. Yes, I answer this a year later.

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