Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Silicone Boob Tube

We don't have cable.

Shocked? Don't be. We used to, but we lost faith in Rogers and didn't keep it when we moved. Needless to say, our non-cable stations are lacking.

So, until we go back to some form of cable, our TV show choices are pretty slim. When we don't feel like watching Tv-On-DVD or random movies, we're pretty much stuck watching crappy sitcoms or *cringe* celebrity gossip shows.


Mind-numbing bullshit. And these shows are endless. Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, E Talk, and the WORST... The Insider. This is a show where not only do they follow the lives of people who are only famous for being semi-famous, but they have DEBATES about them.

One day it was on in the background while the boy and I were making dinner or something. This was a day or so after Patrick Swayze died, and the hosts (comprised of wannabe actors and D-list celebs, including Star Jones and maybe Kathy Griffin) had a debate about whether or not Patrick should have quit smoking.


The man just died. Debating about his smoking habits as though their opinions matter is just... sad, and disrespectful.

Bottom line, these shows make me insane.

And this is why we spend more of our time watching and re-watching Seasons 1-8 of Family Guy.


Now I feel a bit better.


Mike D. said...

Thanks for taking my attention off work for awhile.

Kris said...

I try.

Anonymous said...

I never really got into Family Guy, but I have always hated those celebrity shows. Yuck.

ghost said...

family guy isprobably the funniest show ever. but im pretty sure the writers are going to hell. and ill probably go for laughing.

Kris said...


Sometimes, when we're watching the ones, something'll happen and C and I look at each other like "did they just say that? are they allowed to say that".

But damn. I like that.

Aaron Jones said...

The Insider debates are hilarious!(ly stupid). Seriously, four airheads "debating" stupid shit that should never be debated. Star Jones looks like a deflated balloon.

Kris said...

I actually yell at the screen during the debates. I'd throw stuff, but then I'd have to TV.

I desperately wish to throw things.

Anonymous said...

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