Monday, January 11, 2010

Adventures in Nothingness

It has come to my attention, via a lovely reader, that I no longer blog about what I've been up to, or how my weekend was. (The main reason? Not a lot goin' on!)

This weekend wasn't overly packed full o' adventures, but here we go anyways:


Got my hair done. A bit darker, a bit shorter (darn previously bleached damaged ends...)

Random Fact: this is the shortest my hair has been in my adult life. GROW BACK NOW!


The usual doggie play time outside. Nuthin' says "we're a happy family" like Jack peeing on Daisy.

Went to see the boy's hockey game. My secret boyfriend Neil came along. At C's request, I wore this vintage jersey for support of some type.

Then we headed to our casa for some beers and Playstation.

I am noticeably riveted by the boys playing Gran Turismo.

But then, it's my turn at the ol' Guitar Hero. The boy remains impressed with my questionable skills, and will never ever play.


Not much to speak of. We tried to go see Avatar at the Varsity Cinemas, but a darn blackout caused us to turn back home without a movie date.


My life isn't all that exciting. I'd rather write about random nonsensical bullshit that holds my attention for five seconds until I see something shiny that causes me to stop what I'm doi - Oooh! Sparkly lights!


ghost said...

my weekend was even less eventful, if you can imagine that.

Anonymous said...

Sparkly lights! Where?!

Aaron said...

Three blog entries I missed. I need to be notified! Hello! Goet it together, Krystyn Kage.

Kris said...

ghost - I can imagine it. I actually like weekends that I don't do anything!

screetus - Over there! Over there!

Aaron - As my agent, you should know these things. Especially since I post em to Facebook as well. Geeez...

Masuka said...

You have to be careful around those hair stylists. They just can't wait to cut hair.. It's like dog groomers, they can't wait to squeeze the dog's anal gland to drain it.. They're just sick, sick people.

Kris said...

Do we really wanna get into a canine anal gland discussion?

And yeah, hairdressers loooove to cut hair. I'm willing it to grow fast.

Mike D. said...

Hey pretty. You should have a crazy exciting life. That jersey is pretty awesome, though.

Kris said...

Thanks, you. C bought it awhile back. He likes when I wear vintage-y jerseys.

Anonymous said...

Hiya! I just started reading here. I have to say I like your hair better dark than blonde. It really suits you. You kinda look like this model girl that was on a tv show in Australia while I was there a couple of years ago. Reading your blog is really making me miss Toronto, I lives there when I was a teenager. Thanks!

Kris said...

Hey anon! Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

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