Saturday, January 2, 2010

Twenty Ten

Well, it's a new year.

2010... there's a bit of a "holy shit" factor when I sit and think about it.

Ten years ago I was 16. Insecure, yet loudmouthed. Unsure of where I belonged, but loyal to those who made me feel like I did.

Meh. Guess not much has changed.

Every year begins the same way for most people.

We tend to see it as a fresh start, a new beginning.

A time to make resolutions that we promise ourselves will come true.

I'm really no different.

I try to have a "fresh start" and "brand new outlook" each month, thinking it'll change everything into positives.

It hasn't. But I'm not giving up yet.

2010 will NOT be the same as 2008 and its bitchy sister 2009.

I will make 2010 my new best friend.

In return, 2010 will give me what I need.

Security. Contentedness. The drive to keep going.

And just enough difficulty to keep this chick interested.

I'm vowing here and now to fight for the things I want.

Let go of the things, and people, that I no longer need.

And continue to indulge in the beers and Big Macs I'm told to avoid.

This year is for me.

Now, if I could fast-forward time to a year from now,

I admit

There's a damn good chance I'll be spewing the same nonsense then.


It just means that I'm gonna keep trying

Til I get it right.

So Happy New Year to all of you.

May all your dreams for 2010 come true.

And if they don't?

Well, hell....

There's always next year.

Good riddance, 2009!


Shaz said...

So I says to Mabel I says happy new year!

Kris said...

Happy New Year back atcha, Shaz-matazz!

k said...

Happy New Year! Nice dress. You clean up well.

Kris said...

Well thank you, kind sir! Sometimes I brush my hair. ;)

Mike D. said...

Looks fancy, and haven't I seen that dress before?

Kris said...

There's a pretty good chance you have.

ghost said...

2009 can suck it.

Kris said...

And it certainly did, huh?

Anonymous said...

That looks fun. My NY involved kleenex and Tylenol cold and flu.

Kris said...


Masuka said...

Sooooo.. about these people "you no longer need" ... tell me about them...

Kris said...

You're not one of them, 'Suka.

I need you! Be my friend!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if you knew in January of this year your relationship with C was going to end...Why did it end?

Kris said...

Anon, who are you? Do I know you?

If you're actual friend of mine, email me and we can talk. If not, I'm not going to explain.

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