Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goin' Off The Rails On The Daisy Train

Oh hi there. It's me. Daisy.

I'm just dog-bloggin' on my mom's Mac.

She got to post all those darn pictures of her friends, I thought it was only fair that I did too.

She brought me to work for a couple of days last week, before we moved away from Toronto.

Y'know those popular girls in high school that everyone wanted to touch, talk about and be around?

Yeah. That was me. Her co-workers loved me.

Not tryin' to brag or anything.... but geez. After my sad breakup with Jack, this kinda made me feel better.

He's so into me.

And look! Another friend.

She took me for a walk, so I decided to love her forever.

But my mommy had to move me away from my friends, so now we're in St. Catharines.

It's cool, though.

I mean... I have a big yard to play in. My mom takes me on long walks by the lake.

I've already picked out all the squirrels and birds I'm going to eventually kill, and then I'm gonna take on a huge monster that roams the streets going "gobble, gobble!".

What the hell is it?

Soon to be dead. That's what.

And I guess it's pretty good here cuz I'm already being spoiled. I got a brand new bed... some new toys... and three big people to cuddle me.

Too tight, mom.

Yeah. She loves me. Guess I can't complain.

Holy crap, this blogging thing is tiring. I don't even have opposable thumbs, so it ain't easy.

Goodnight, blog readers. Time to go sleep with my pet tiger. And my basketball.

Hugs 'n licks,

Your Favourite Bitch - Daisy

p.s. - uh.... woof.


Aaron said...

You can come kill the annoying squirrels in my backyard anyday, Dairy. It's just a hop, skip and a woof away.

Kris said...

Callng her Dairy shall never get old! She'll hop, skip, and woof right over to take care of your problem. She can also babysit your little one, if ya'd like.

Shaz said...

And thus, the cabin fever sets in.

Kris said...

So true Shaz. No beer and no Toronto makes Kristen ... something something.

stark said...

Awwww, I miss my little pal.

Kris said...

Walk her anytime ya want ;)

Oakley the Dog said...

Mmm.woof. I think I wanna sniff your ass Daisy.

Kris said...

Masuka, keep yer dog away from Daisy! :p

Phronk said...

This is a little bit too cute. Look at those eyes!

Also, your mom's hair is extremely shiny.

Kris said...

Aw, shucks ;)

Mike D. said...

Your hair is black?

Kris said...

Nah, but it is darker. It's already a bit lighter since then. Stupid shampoo.

Anonymous said...

That was a very cute post. It's good that you have her as a companion.

Kris said...

Yeah, she's a pain in my ass... but I love the crap outta my girly.

Mike D. said...

I like your hair in this post whatever color it is. And Daisy is cute as always.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...


Do you really carry him around in a pouch? Awesome.

Kris said...


Nope. No pouch. She's just wearing her vest thing that her leash attaches to. It's so she doesn't pull when we walk her.

Liam said...

we severely approve of the dog blogging.
tell daisy that she did a great job on the post. oh, and if your interested - 'dog paw function v2.0' is coming out soon... it helps a lot with the typing thing.
have fun! - C&S

Leah said...

"It's so she doesn't pull when we walk her."


Kris said...


Well, it worked in Toronto! Just doesn't work here....

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