Monday, March 8, 2010

I Will Find A Center In You, I Will Chew It Up And Leave

Weekend's over. Just thought you'd like to know.

I spent 8 hours, yes 8 HOURS walking around the West end of Toronto on Saturday, looking at apartments with my dear Neil.

Luckily we had time to make a few brief stops.

I took him to my old street in Parkdale for some poutine at Stampede.

Extra curds, cuz that's how ya gotta roll.

And without realizing until now, I made Labatt 50 my boyfriend of the weekend. We hung out Friday and Saturday. I guess you could say things are gettin' pretty serious.

Being back in the West end, hoofing around Roncy and Parkdale felt great. I had missed it so much, living downtown this past year. I'm excited to finally move back - if only I found the right apartment.

And going back to the Rhino (our ol' neighbourhood watering hole) and having a pint felt like coming home.


"See? Windows in the west end are just cooler. And they like better music. And watch better movies. And... the window is the only one listening to me."

Later, although exhausted from the long day, we headed to the Wreck Room to see Bob spin again.

And I may have had too much fun screaming my favourite Rage Against The Machine, Deftones and Faith No More songs. Oh, and Tool... can't forget Tool. Thanks Bob.

Well look who it is! There's a face y'all haven't seen in awhile.

Hey Craig! Get outta my apartment, you don't live here anymore!

I must be irresistible, loveable and wonderful. Why else would he be back?

... oh... right. The dog.


He came for a little while to come bring my sweet Jack to his new home.

And I'm kinda nice for a mean bitch, so I cooked him up a meal. It's a fact that single dudes don't eat right.  

Eggs. I don't know how to cook much else.

Oh, my puppies. So sad to have to separate them.

Daisy was pretty upset when she knew Jack was gone. She cried, which isn't normal for her.

She even sat at the door with her ball, waiting to play with him.

She's better now though.

It's you and me, girly.

But you're gonna love it. 



tony said...

who put girly in the corner?

Shaz said...

Awww hugs for Puppita!

Leah said...

:( Poor little Daisy puppers.

On an unrelated note, Neil looks really scary in that one pic. Just sayin. I still love him & all, but I'm a little scared.

Leah said...

oh poop. I have gamil now. Bye ghetto.punk.chic

Craig said...

poor girl

Keep her busy, she will be very happy grs.

Kris said...

tony - She DOES like to dance dirtily....

Shaz - Thanks, ladyfriend!

Leah - Gamil, huh? :p and yes. Neil is quite scary.

Craig - No worries. Your girl is happy... lotsa walks and cuddle time. Give my Jackie lots of kisses and hugs for me, ok? I miss him terribly.

Mike D. said...

Two pretty girls walking down the street must get a lot of attention from the boys, huh?

Kris said...

It's all Daisy. She gets lots of attention at all times. Damn blue-eyed blondes...

Masuka said...

I demand you put more happy pictures of Daisy up.

Kris said...

I will, Masuka! I'll post some soon. She's a happy girl, especially running around outside.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Those are good bands to scream to. There's one Faith No More song I can't quite sing along to, and that's Midlife Crisis. The "sis" in Crisis is just a tough note, so I just do it operatic and shitty.

Kris said...


Midlife Crisis is one of my favourite songs by FNM. He sings it "midliiiife criiiiii- saaaaayuuuuuuss".

Now I wanna go listen to that.

ghost said...


Kris said...

Damn straight.

Phronk said...

Here are my thoughts:
- Labatt 50 rules and I think it's due for a big comeback. I.e., not just for old men any more.
- Fuck yeah Tool.

Kris said...

Phronk, you and I have the same thoughts inDEED.

Sixty-Four Dollar Question said...

You know, it's been two years since the demise of my last relationship and we're still dealing with doggie drama. Right now, we're doing this shared custody thing. I sometimes hope that my little dude bites his new stepmom.

Kris said...

... yeah, I don't even wanna think about Jack with a new stepmom.

That will definitely suck.

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