Sunday, April 18, 2010

All I Can Be Is A Busy Sea of Spinning Wheels & Hands That Feel

Welcome to Kris' foggy, foggy brain!

The last half week has left me a little out of sorts.

Wednesday night? No sleep.

Thursday night? No sleep.

Friday night? No sleep.

And in between were busy days, including lots of work stuff, project stuff, me stuff, a good ol' psychobilly rawk show at mansion, a day of setting up for the Proud FM bday, working the Proud FM bday and then lettin' a bit loose.... at the Proud FM bday.

(speaking of Proud, here's a little story with some advice that has changed the way I look at everything)

Saturday morning, as soon as I got home from Toronto, I climbed.... no, crawled... into my bed.

I did not leave until 7:30 this morning, to get ready for the annual Walk for MS.

And right now?

I just woke up from a weird fitful nap that I didn't mean to take, chock full of bad dreams and anxiety attacks in between.

I need to get out of this funk. It's a nasty type of depression that screws with sleep habits and moods 'til you're so lethargic that you can't move.

But mama's gotta move.

And that's how I'll fight it.

No damn depression can withstand a punch to the throat and a kick to the crotch from this chick.

'Scuse me while I search for my brass knuckles and steel-toed boots.


Mike D. said...

You look kinda different in each of these pictures. Different but good!

Kris said...

Must be the multiple personalities.

Masuka said...

where's all the pics from the bday party? I saw you constantly clicking away with your bloody camera!

Leah said...

It was my camera....I shall post asap, and then she shall post subsequently.

Kris said...

Yeah, Masuka. Please see Leah's comment. I done fergot mah camera in the St. Catharines-town when I went to Trawnna, y'hear?

Anonymous said...

Of course depression has a crotch. Is it safe to assume there's a penis there?

Kris said...

Heh. I'm no man-hater. I'd like to snag one someday, so I gotta be nice. Depression is both man and woman, and it's aalll ugly.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine.

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