Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jump In The Delorian, We're Goin' For A Ride

This PC that I am currently working on was unplugged and unused for about a year.
Ever since we moved to our downtown apartment.

C had a better computer, so we used his.
And then we became cool and procured laptops, so my poor lonely PC just sat there untouched.

Last week I plugged 'er in and it came alive again.
Only to throw me backwards in time.

My desktop picture?

This one:

Old blonde hair, old apartment, ye olde boyfriend.
Quite obviously old.

And when I left the comp for awhile, the screen saver kicked in.
It was this one, featured in a blog post (scroll down fer it).
I had forgotten about that.
Again... it's from 2008. So, it's old. Yet sweet.

Some of the icons on my desktop were from things we were working on back then.
They kinda made me laugh.

And I have re-connected with all my old pictures...

Like meeting my sweet Jack for the first time.

And getting our little Daisy.

Looking back can be really sad.
Bittersweet, really.
But I've always been one to love seeing pictures and songs from the past,
and remembering the happy times.
Cuz between the bad ones, the good ones were always there.
Usually moreso.

This is why I'm a picture horder.
And my PC is my partner in nostalgic crime.


On a completely separate note, I've been posting over at my depressy-bitchy-moody blog. Y'know, where I go to post stuff that isn't as happy. Read it if ya wanna feel like crap. You're quite welcome!


Anonymous said...

"Read it if ya wanna feel like crap"

That made me Hahahaawwwwwww.

Which, frankly, is a pretty weird sound to make.

Kris said...

I like the sound! At least how ya spell it.

Does that meant hat you did, in fact, wish to feel like crap?

Mike D. said...

Forget the past Kris, its gone.
And also, I like your dark hair best now. I have made my decision.

Kris said...

Yes, the past is gone. I'm just looking at pictures. That's allowed. Glad ya like the hair.

Masuka said...

1.21 GIGAWATTS?!!??!

Kris said...

Damn right, doc!

Anonymous said...

Your future is going to be so much better than your past. I can't even imagine! You deserve better than what you have and you will absolutely get to a wonderful place in life, Kristen. Have no fear.

Kris said...

I'm trying to get rid of the fear as much as possible. Thank you so much for the nice words. :)

GrantEd said...

This posting made me a little bit sad for you. I'm not really sure why. Does it make you sad?

I really like the picture of you and the dog! Two JRTs is a lot of work, I give you some serious props for it. I had one when I was younger so I know.

Kris said...

Yeah, I suppose it makes me sad in some ways. But I'm trying to put a positive spin on it. Happy happy. Or sumthin'.

And yeah, two Jack Russells is a lot to handle but it was a lot of fun. They're the best dogs. I only have one now, Daisy. My ex has Jack. I miss the little bugger.

Captain Jack said...

Life doesn't necessarily become better simply because it becomes different. You Have to take the good and bad from every experience and make it make YOU a better person.

It makes me sad when people automatically assume the source of every sad soul is the environment around them.

As there are horribly waved that sink the most beautiful of maidenheads, so too have many Pirates made the most utopian waters a place of fear and peril.

So we have to ask ourselves honestly, are we Pirates, Maidenhead's, or dangerous Seas?

Kris said...

I'm just a sad chick that's trying to not be sad anymore. It can only be that simple.

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