Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh Berlin, Your Heart Has Been Drawn & Quartered Again

It's me again.

No bloggin' doggie today.  It's back to me, the ol' Shambled Rambler named Kris who seems to have forgotten what it's like to interact with people in real life.


What am I talking about?

Since I made the move last week, I haven't really left the house. I go to bed early. I wake up early. I work from home, job hunt, apartment hunt, and mostly interact with people via interwebz.

Doesn't help the depression or anxiety. Quite frankly, I'm missing a whole lotta things from my old life right now. It's too easy to be sad.

Methinks I need to socialize. And so, tomorrow night, I shall.

In completely and utterly unrelated news, I should be coming back to Toronto for a day or two next week.


Why would I be doing that, you ask?

Well... there's a project afoot. But that's all I'm saying for now. If it works out the way it should, you'll all be learning about it shortly.

Frankly, it's gonna be awesometastic. Or non-existent.

Such a waiting game we're playing, friends.

Hat 'n glasses time.

Gotta be incognito so my fans don't maul me while I'm out on the town.

By "fans", I mean Daisy. And "out on the town"? Yeah. That's the backyard.

Oh, the life I live.


Aaron Patrick Lawrence Vail, ESQ said...

Your little Dairy Queen's been selling stories about you to You may want to wear your disguise tomorrow night.

I read the stories and...I don't even, I don't know what to say, Goetz. Just...yeah, I don't...yeah.

Kris said...

Dairy's gotta make money so mommy can move back to Toronto. Don't ruin my plans, Vail!!

And not all stories are true. It WASN'T my baby, and he was only SORTA married. God.

PatZ said...

you know, posting pictures of your incognito disguise might just compromise it a little. maybe. just sayin.

Leah said...

As I recall I have been really good at taking you for regular walks.

Jordan said...

Missing the Summit AND the Super Cup?! Crazy!

screetus said...

New project... Exciting!

Kris said...

PatZ - Shh. This is the fake-out. The REAL one has a wig and fake mustache.

Leah - Yes. You have indeed.

Jordan - Ugh, I know. It's depressing, I haven't missed the Summit in years. But, this is what happens when you're no longer with the dude who played in the tournament ;) Hope the Super Cup was awesome!

screetus - Oh, I hope it's exciting!

Anonymous said...

Good God you're a beauty Kris. Is the project a modeling thing?

Kris said...

Nope, not modeling. I'm too goofy.

And thank you for the compliment! Wish people would stop posting anonymously...

Anonymous said...

I posted under anonymous because I know both you and Gags and would rather not make anything uncomfortable.

Kris said...

Oh.. ok then.

Mike D. said...

The 80's called. They want their Guns 'n Roses shirt back.

Kris said...

Shut it! It's one of my favourite shirts. Appetite for Destruction is cooler than you, friend.

peterdewolf said...

One of my new favourite things: "awesometastic"

One of my all-time favourite things: women in G n'R Ts.

Kris said...

Ah, Peter. That's certainly awesometastic!

The Zoomba Flume said...

..... the fire grew dim as we waited impatiently for daylight to appear on what looked like a horizon set a million miles away.

From out of the night, what were at one point stars began to show their true sinister nature, they crept closer, and closer as the fire that used to fuel us became but a forgotten spark.

The Jackals.

Kris said...

No Jackals.

But how bout that forgotten spark?

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