Saturday, June 19, 2010

Disconnect & Self-Destruct, One Bullet At A Time

When I get my hair dyed, I take a slew of obligatory "this is what my hair should look like" shots,
so that when the dye fades and my hair gets stupid, I can look back and remember sadly.

You know the shots I'm talking about.

The "How Does It Look With My Head Tilted This Way?" shot.

The "I Am Serious. My Hair is Serious." shot.

The "When I Make My JerkFaces, Will My Hair Look Any Different?" shot.

The "Side" shot. Y'know. To see what it looks like... from the side. Not rocket science, folks.

The "Check Out The Different Bangs She Gave Me, While I Purse My Lips" shot

And oh yes... the "Let's Try It With Flash While I Smile Maniacally Then Recall Why I Rarely Smile In The First Place" shot.

Consider yourselves enlightened.

And now I am off to pack up my shit.

I have a date tonight with a skinny, gyrating man named Iggy

that I will reminisce about while at the beach tomorrow

before taking in a few other bands that night,

thus cheating on Iggy.

Sorry Iggy. But you're a stooge.


ghost said...

i haven't given my hair much thought at all in the last few years.

is iggy actually a part of the stooges?

ghost said...

and i like the first one best.

Anonymous said...

you are like sex on legs.

screetus said...

What? Sorry, I was distracted by your total hotness.

Masuka said...

Dude stole my line!

Kris said...

Jesus. These were lovely comments to come home to.

You guys are friggin' wonderful.

Masuka.... what line?

ghost said...

i apologize?

Kris said...

Apologizing is not allowed!

Anonymous said...

I'm a photographer, Kris. Want to do a photoshoot sometime soon? You would be amazing. I'm based in Toronto, if you wondered.

Kris said...

You'll have to email me, I can't say yes to someone anonymous. :)

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