Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's The Wrong Kind Of Place To Be Thinking Of You

That there chick
on the far right of a rare photo
in the kinda club she does not usually visit:

... is going a little bit stir crazy, and lookin' for a way to shake things up

... thinks this website is right up her alley

... has decided to stop being the Rejection Queen and is taking some chances

... wishes she was back in Toronto already

... thinks that everything happens for a reason and will go the way it should

... had an intense dream that she was married, but the dude's face was blurred

... is blogging (read: stalling) cuz the treadmill is calling her bad names

... is obsessed with dissecting types of love and it makes her a bit insane

... thinks all cheese curds must squeak in order to be deemed delicious

... believes you should hire her for that awesome creative job in the city

... is waiting for you

... wonders whatever happened to Cyril Sneer

... has contemplated breaking up with Big Macs, but thought better of it 

... has had this song in her head for a few days (and is therefore posting it yet again), along with Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels.

... is searching for her happy, and ready to find it. She's about to win this game of Hide 'n Seek.

You're it.


Squeaky Curdman said...

My face was blurred? Er, I mean..!

Kris said...

Yep. Sorry bout that... I can't be blamed for what my brain does during REM, ya know?

PatZ said...

What people in this picture are thinking:

Guy: "Yeeeah boys, THREE ladies. that's like TWO ladies but with extra ladies!"

Girl in Red: "I want to smile more but I'm worried his hair grease will stain my dress."

Girl in Black: "Stop pointing that rose at Girl in Red or I will throw my drink at you."

Kris: "I'm holding my glass in a way that says 'buy me a refill' and hoping you clue in. Also, I'm secretly pinching ass with my other arm."


Kris said...

Heh. More like this:

Guy - "Happy birthday to my girlfriend! I'm having a great time! I am soon going to dance and you will take pictures with your phone!"

Girl in Red: "It's my birthday! I hope the camera guy can't see up my dress..."

Girl in Black - "Where'd that drunk guy go? I'm bored. I may need him."

Me: "Why do all the guys that come to these clubs wear weird clothes and assume I wish to speak with them? I need to call in reinforcements... and get a beer..."

The end.

Anonymous said...

Yet another photo in which you set new standards in ultra-hotness.

I compare attaining one's dreams with reaching for a cookie jar on a high shelf. You jump and grab at it, getting closer every time, you keep at it and sooner or later you get it. That's exactly what will happen for you, I have faith.

ghost said...

if youre waiting on me, youre wasting time. im already four moves ahead.

Kris said...

screetus - You're the best. As soon as I move back, we need to go for drinks again and plan how we'll take over the world.

ghost - Oh yeah? Well..um... checkmate. (I wish I knew how to play chess.)

Gage said...

yep they don't count as cheese curds without the squeak, that is a rule and as a bit of a cheese curd connoisseur I can state this with absolute certainty!

Kris said...

Thank you! Man, now I want cheese curds...

Mike D. said...

I'm confused.

Kris said...

Confused about what, sir?

Mike D. said...

The hide and seek, waiting for you, rejection thing, and all the other things you said. What are you not saying but sort of saying?

Kris said...

I always talk about things without really talking about them at all. Besides, I guess I'm confused too.

Jibba Jabba!

phx said...

I'd never heard that song until now... *sniff*

RasaMi said...

double you tee ef!

Great minds DO think alike eh? :)

I love this song as well...that entire album was superb.

And you know what? Double wedding, in the next 3-5 years!

LOL...the clash of the cultures!

Kris said...

ohx - No ? Uh-oh, I may send ya more!

Rasam - 3-5 years? Uh-oh, I'd better find myself a groom! This could be difficult! But man, that'd be a hell of a wedding ;)

Anonymous said...

I think one of the reasons that I enjoy coming here and reading your posts is that you give us glimpses into what may be happening in Real Life, but you rarely give it all away. You tease with humor and sarcasm; honesty and sadness. It's fun and real at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Ditto. It's kind of playing out like a romantic drama/comedy.. will she go out into the world and find Mr. Right or has she already found him and reunite in some dramatic fashion after a couple months apart!? You could make a really comedic/dramatic trailer to the this blog but no naked bongo players.

Kristen said...

I think it's safe to assume that you are two different anonymous posters. Heh.

Well, thanks. To both. And it's funny, cuz I didn't even realize I had anyone wondering that kinda stuff... strange.

And I guess I'll hafta break up with my naked bongo player. Sigh. He's just up to no good.

Kris said...

(Whoops, posted that comment with the wrong profile. It's me, it's me!)

Anonymous said...

Naked bongo players are usually unwifeable for a reason.
In any case, the blog is intriguing for that reason.. the mystery the surprises.. oh to be in one's twenties... rollercoaster of sleepless nights.

Kris said...

S'true, I DON'T sleep.
Anonymust... I love it.

That and Anony-mouse)

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