Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Only Me Who Wants To Wrap Around Your Dreams

When I first started this blog, I thought I'd mainly have music posts. I thought my obsession with music would be all I had to write about on here.

Stupid life, getting in the way of that. Rawr.

I haven't even been posting "Random Songs o' the Day" to Facebook lately. This must be rectified.

So here are a few tunes that spark up some clear memories.

Joy Division - She's Lost Control

A couple of years ago, C and I watched Control, the movie about Ian Curtis from Joy Division. While the movie made me unsure of whether I loved or hated Curtis, it definitely re-ignited and multiplied my love for Joy Division.

We became a bit obsessed for awhile; we'd throw the songs on and dance around the living room til the dog started barking. Joy Division, and this song in particular, reminds of dancing like an idiot during happier times in Pdale.

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

This, and all Fleetwood Mac, reminds me of family trips up north. It especially reminds me of my Dad, who is the reason that my sister and I know probably every word to the entire Rumours album.

Fleetwood Mac makes me think of when I was really young and happy to be on these trips away. I loved the long drives and my Dad's mixed tapes. I loved the bonfires, singing along to my Dad playing guitar.

I love Fleetwood Mac. I just do.

Nirvana - Breed

Nirvana reminds me of a grade 8 trip to Ottawa. On the bus, everyone was listening to their favourite pop tunes and it was making me insane. So I put on my headphones and listened to Nirvana (and some other bands, but there was a lot of Nirvana at that time). I remember some of my classmates making fun of me for my music taste. They didn't understand anything beyond Top 40.

Years later, those same people who made fun of me would come and ask me about bands. Kids can be dumb.

Bend Folds - The Luckiest

I was never a big Ben Folds fan. I'm still not, save for a few songs.

But this song? Well.

A few months ago it popped up on my mom's computer (she was on a wedding website for a family friend). I freaked out, screamed at her to shut it off. She couldn't, so I locked myself in my bedroom.

I was not expecting this song to make me act like that.

But it did. This song transports me to a happier, albeit very temporary, place. And so I still will not listen to it.

But you can.

Instead, I'm going to go listen to Zeppelin II and pretend to be Robert Plant.

Don't you judge me.


blepharisma said...

She's Lost Control has always been my fav Joy Division song.

And Drcms, yeah obviously.

People are dumb about music in Grade 8. I remember having my Faith No More "The Real Thing" tape at school and having girls tell me that rap & metal don't go together. Heh.

You got chocolate in my peanut butter, son.

Kris said...

Drcms. I wanna spell it "dirkums".

Ooh, Faith No More. Haven't posted them on here in awhile. Shucks.

M. Patton said...

For a handful of summers in the early-/mid-'90s, my family would road-trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina — a challenging 20 hrs of restless backseat vegetation for a couple 10-year-old children (give or take) to try to sit patiently, without slowly murdering each other with the pesky, uninhibited annoyingness that comes with being 10 years old (give or take).

Our only salvation and point of mutual compromise was a couple of cheap Walkmans (probably a genuine Sorny or Magnetbox or something) and a mere 3 cassettes: The Offspring, "Smash"; Nirvana, "Unplugged"...and, yes, Ace of Base, "The Sign". (Based on these details, I'm guessing in & around the 1994 mark.)

From that day on, even to this day and beyond, they all hold a very dear place in my heart. I credit them for sparking my mutual interest in both rock AND pop, and eventually all sorts of bizarre genre combos that don't mix and yet still very much do.

More recently, I credited that trip as the reason why my knee-jerk response after having first heard Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" was, "Hey, that's a total 'Don't Turn Around' rip-off! That shit is unacceptable!! IS ANYONE ELSE HEARING THIS?!"

I may be balls-deep into Meshuggah nowadays... But don't you tread on my Ace of Base, Lady.

Kris said...

Hey - I had "The Sign". I do not judge. And I also sing "Don't Turn Around" whenever "Alejandro" comes on.

Perhaps we are birds of a feather, you and I.

M. Patton said...

(*note: The "Lady" warned about treading = Gaga; not you.)

Let's flock together, lady. (You; not Gaga.)

Shevy said...

my dear Kris... You are a strange and fabulous creature... refering to your BenFolds reaction of course... clearly we are related.

PS... I love seeing the house in your posts... Although I remember your bedroom covered in BSB posters.

Kris said...

Patton, Mike - I'm in!

Shev - You've had a similar reaction? No shit. And yes, the posters... mixed with my men of metal.... then BSB came down and it was all Deftones and Rage against the machine. I was never any good at decorating... ;)

Gage said...

I think Gaga has admitted to "sourcing" Ace of Base for that song of hers...

I love metal and I love Drum and Bass and fuck I even love shitty old sappy '70's stuff and funk too and yeah... all over the place, I love music tons but I'm terrible at writing about it, as evidenced even here!

Alyson said...

"Luckiest" makes me cry every time I hear it, no jokes.

Kris said...

Gage - I'm the same. And I loooove my 70's stuff.

Alyson - Me too, now. Well... I assume it would, except I refuse to listen to it.

Zoso? said...

'with a purple umbrella and a fifty cent hat!!...'

imo II along with I capture Zep at their most raw and they're timeless - so many awesome songs on those two albums.
Heartbreaker and WLL are killer for Page's solos alone. Lemon Song for the lyrics... 'squeeze my lemon...' and on and on and on....
Joy Division was a nice add too - nice to see others with a wide and eclectic range of musical taste...only thing missing was some Pantera, Dio (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqYrO03RyUs) along Piaf, NWA or Bell Biv Devoe to round it out.... another day perhaps? :)

Kris said...

Don't make me sing Pantera's "Walk", cuz i'll do it. I sadly still know every word and am known to sing it in public.

Dio? Hell yes. RIP, my devil-horned friend.

Piaf... Non, je ne regrette rien.... no one ever knows that. Why does no one ever know that?

NWA I can get behind, but Bel Biv Devoe reminds me of when I took Jazz & Hip-Hop dance classes when I was younger.


I have to wonder if you are who I think you are.

Zoso? said...

Jazz and hip hop classes? guess one should try everything at least once huh? - at least you're not the regretful type :) really, referenced the BBD after chuckling during a recent Fresh Prince rerun...
Prince: I'm just trying to get to my room. How about you Ty?
Ty: I just wanna be in the video
Ah, ya gotta watch it to appreciate it...

Zoso? said...

and oh, speaking of random and obscure...
Suzi Quatro ('Leather' on Happy Days and one of the inspirations for Joan Jett)

ghost said...

dead souls has always been my favorite joy division song.

Nostalgia city said...

Man, for a woman of only 27 years of age, you sure got a lot of nostalgia packed into your life!

Wondering what your next 27 years will be looking like??

Kris said...

Heh. I've got stories, my friend. Lots of em. And most things in my life can be told with an accompanying song ;)

Songs transport me back, and bring back aaallll the feelings from whatever memory it is. It's both good and bad.

I'm sure the next 27 years will be no different!

Anonymous said...


Jimmy said...

I love your taste in music. It is tres bien.

I highly recommend the classic album Tusk by Fleetwood Mac.

And checking out a band called: Ra Ra Riot.

Splendid blog mate!

Kris said...

Oooh, Jimmy.

Me & Tusk are very, very good friends.

As for Ra Ra Riot, I've heard em but I will now delve further into 'em. Just cuz you said so.

Thanks. :)

Jimmy said...

I tend to prefer Tusk over Rumours. I don't know if that is blasphemy in the Fleetwood Mac world. But, it just is so amazing.

1) I Know I'm Not Wrong
2) Storms
3) Angel
4) Sara
5) Tusk

Do it for moi.

Angel just has such a lovely groove to it. It makes me gape.

Plus, the bonus anniversary edition has Farmer's Daughter cover on it which rocks my socks, since like Mr. Buckingham I highly appreciate the Beach Boys.

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