Sunday, July 11, 2010

What Would An Angel Say, The Devil Wants To Know

Sometimes when I'm bored or waiting for something, I go back and read old blog posts. I like to see what I was up to a year ago, or a couple of years ago. See how things have changed, or how they haven't at all.

So I recently came across my last  New Years post - this one right here, yup. Go ahead, click on it. Transport back in time for the sake of this conversation. - welcoming 2010, and asking it kindly to refrain from sucking.

2008 and 2009 were rough. I had high hopes for 2010, I really did. That post says it all. But hey, guess what? 2010 has been pretty nasty. Colour me unimpressed by the amount of bullshit the past 7 months have held.

And so, I've (obviously) given up hope for an amazing 2010. Instead, I'm switching focus.

In a week, I'll be turning 27. A new age, a new year, a new start.

I vow, here and now on this blah blah blog, to make it great. To make ME great.

27, you will be my bitch. You will be the year that changes everything, for the better. Starting next week, perspective and attitude will change. Things will get better, because I will not allow for any other possibility. 'Nuff said.

You hear that, 2010? You fail. 27 wins. Unless, yet again, I'm wrong about everything.

Oh, and Santa?

I have a bone to pick with you too, ya thick summabitch.

You and 2010 must have been in cahoots, cuz you didn't deliver either.

No milk and cookies for you.


Masuka said...

Hells ya. Give it to the year all porno style!--I don't even know what that means.

Does this mean that until next week, you're still gunna be all downer and depressed? Why not start now and pretend you're 27? :)

Kris said...

I've been saying that I'm 27 for the past few months, actually. Now I'm gonna get confused and start thinking I'm 28.

Krista said...

27 is the new New Year's Eve! <3

THAT Guy said...

The past should be a springboard, not a hammock.

Kris said...

Krista - exactly! Happy New Year, folks!

That Guy - I'm a huge fan of hammocks. I want one right now, mama needs a nap.

But yeah. You're right.

Mike D. said...

Are you licking the CN Tower?

Kris said...

Yeah. We had a special moment in an elevator.

Friend said...

I would kill to be 27 again. Make it your best year ever, for all of us who wish you well. You can do it.

Kris said...

Thanks. I'll try my best!

Anonymous said... Sharecasting Team - they are always hiring copyrighters and people who are good with the internet like twitter, myspace etc. it's not posted but they are/will be hiring just put the title as sharecasting team. ask to be kept on file.

A couple friends in the city work for the CMRRA (Music publishing) they are always hiring and pay pretty decent. (Just mention your love of music and experience in radio-o-o in your resume)

not ideal but it'd get ya in the city, looking nice and pretty... then hopefully the dream job will say 'hey baby 'sup? how you like my salary?'

Kris said...

Ha! Nice. You are my new best friend.

Anonymous said...

If I had money I'd hire you. Wait until I win billions and you will be rich!

Kris said...

Sounds good!

jetson stamina said...

I like the CN Tower in the staircase on the 23rd floor. I got CLIMBydia.

Awesome. High Five Myself No Friends.

Kris said...

I'm scared of heights. I've never been up there.

Gotta change that. High five.

sjm said...


Kris said...

Why yes, I DO enjoy a delicious Zywiec sometimes.

Good eye!

Danger Owl said...

It is troubling for me to assume that people who despise labels, and say as much out loud, would bother to worry about their age.

It's a label.

If you don't care for labels, then you shouldn't care for age.

There is only you, and your reality, and all the wonderful opportunities that sleep quietly.

Kris said...

You're one to talk, Hooter.

While standing in your unprotected glass house, you should put down those stones.

Kris said...

and ps - I'm not worrying about my age, you read this post incorrectly.

I'm using my birthday as a new start.

Don't you think I need one?

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