Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Keep Falling Over, I Keep Crushing Out When I See A Face Like You

Ah, the Sunday of a long weekend.

A day to be lazy. A day to avoid anxiety about work the next day, because there is none (for most).

A day to be overtired, headachy, and to struggle with a fuzzy, fuzzy brain due to a night out (which ended in a 3am FGP run.)

And so, since I'm in no shape to think, I've decided to answer a couple of my Formspring questions that you lovely folks have left. I'm not so good at keeping up with them.

First Question: You talk sometimes about what you don't want in a boyfriend. What DO you want? We want details! - LP

Hi, LP. Can I call you Lolly Pop? Lily Pad? No... those sound like stripper names.


Boyfriends, huh? It always comes back to relationships with you guys. You're like a dating service. But I'll answer.

I'm not looking for a boyfriend right now. This is the longest I've ever really been single and I've been good at keeping things un-serious (that's a word now, I said so) for the time being. But at some point, yeah. I'll want one. I love relationships. Sue me.

I posted that list back in May, but I suppose it mostly outlined what I never wanted again. Still stands true.

So what do I want?

I want someone who is cool with me being me. Who likes my quirks and can handle my emotional side. Who appreciates me and shows it - showing appreciation for the person you're with is so important, yet people rarely talk about that. Who wants to be with someone who doesn't appreciate 'em? Screw that. It's not fun.

I want someone who is my best friend. I want to laugh with them, have fun with them, have great conversations with them. I want someone I can trust implicitly, and I'd like to know that I can always count on them. When they promise something, they'll follow through.

Or I punch 'em in the face and run away.

I want someone that I can love 100%. I want someone to give that back.

I want someone who will make me feel special and cared about, and I want to do the same for them.

I want someone who will eat Big Macs with me and not make me feel guilty. 

I want someone who won't expect me to be something I'm not.

I want someone who won't try to control me and every move I make, but who will be my partner.

I want someone that I dig, who really digs me. Someone that wants me and can't get enough.

I want that dude. Y'know. That one.

Yeah. Him.

If you see him, tell him to call me. I'll be ready for him.

Second Question: If you could be Prime Minister of your country for a day, what would you do?

Truthfully? I don't know.

But I've had to fake an answer to this question already, for Bite TV.

...aaand here was an embarrassing outtake that I posted cuz I'm a glutton for punishment.

Oh, the blonde days in Parkdale. The awkwardness has not changed.


ghost said...

thats basically my list. except, you know, for a girl.

Aar said...


Kris said...

ghost - Well, I didn't put "requires penis". so, it could work.

Aar - I KNEW you'd refer to that. Sad fact fo' life, yo.

Paul D. said...

The moment you find what you're looking for is in the moment all hope is lost, for then you are free to see with eyes wide open.

Kris said...

What about when you aren't looking at all? :)

Mike D. said...

I could be all that for you, but noooo. :(

Kris said...

You ARE a good boy. I admit it.

BShurette said...

That man will be a very lucky man. I feel sorry for your previous boyfriends who lost you.

And who hell doesn't love Big Macs?

Kris said...

Thanks, B!

I wonder if Big Macs taste exactly the same in the States - when you're here, you should probably eat one just to see. :)

Friend said...

My list of comments:
1. That last picture is great. It looks as though you're flirting with your eyes.
2. Yet again you have a list of needs and wants that are things that should just be assumed. These should be in every relationship, not just fairytale ones.
3. The video where you laugh and turn the camera off is priceless. Perfect smile and I want to see more.
4. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Kris.

Kris said...


#1 - Perhaps I was. ;)

#2 - Yeah. You're not the first to tell me that. I don't high standards, I just want "happy". And Big Macs.

#3 - Thank you. That smile is a couple years old now, but it still resurfaces from time to time.

#4 - It wasn't too shabby. Hope yours was also luvverly!

Aaron said...

Speaking of Big Macs. I didn't care for them until you mentioned them. I guess I do care for them and I've had four in the past two weeks. May I blame the inevitable weight gain on you? It'd make me feel better.

Kris said...

You can blame me for whatever you wish. But wait til you eat an FGP.

Anonymous said...

I don't really understand why you're still single. I assume you have options, why not just take one if you like relationships so much? Be happy if it makes you happy!

Kris said...

Eek. Everyone has options. But I'm staying single for awhile because it's new to me. And I'm not going to have a serious relationship with someone just cuz they're an "option". If a dude knocks me on my ass and I just hafta make him mine, THAT'S different. Y'know?

Jeremy said...

I love the way you open your heart right up, being single has it's ups and downs for sure.

I'm a pretty loyal reader and I work at a print shop (I think I'm completely caught up with your posts) and I think you should get some 'Shambled Ramblings' shirts printed up.

Heres the link,
Let us know if you're gonna sell merch!

Kris said...

Ohh, I dunno bout that. I highly doubt anyone would want a Shambled Ramblings shirt. Other than myself, of course. ;)

Harald Benz said...

Never assume.

Anonymous said...

Kris, you should get the print shop to work on some daisy dukes for you with SHAMBLED printed on one cheek and RAMBLINGS on the other ...

Kris said...

Harald - ;)

Sammael - Yeah... but no. Since all you post is insults and negative shit at me, I can only assume this is you making fun of me. Doesn't work, but still. No.

Anonymous said...

You were just with a guy.

Wasn't he any of these things?

Was he a bad guy?

I'm new. Sorry.

Kris said...

You can't be that new if you know that.

Sure, he was some of them.

But I'm not with him anymore, am I? So it doesn't really matter.

Kris said...

Shall I explain which applied to him and which didn't? Cuz I can.

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