Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Too Young To Hold On, And Too Old To Just Break Free & Run

It's usually a bad idea to blog when you're having a particularly shitty, depressed day and are wishing death upon select people (unrelated to this post). But Masuka requested an update, and I will never let Masuka down. So if anything I say makes you wanna pull your hair out? Sorry. But I wanted to pull mine out first.

As I've said many times in the past, I love my readers. I do. The comments and feedback I get from you is a big reason I keep blogging. But the subject of anonymous posters keeps coming up.

The number of anony-commenters is continually growing, and that's not necessarily a good thing. A lot of you are hiding behind it to make remarks about things you know very little about, including aspects of my personal life that I don't even write about.

While I can tell who some of you are just by writing styles, and I figured out who people like Danger Owl and others are, that doesn't quite matter.

My question is - why? Why hide behind an anonymous comment to try and make a virtual stranger (or not, in some cases) feel like shit? I'm all for sparking debate and clearing things up in my comments, but at least have the conviction to make a name for yourself. Allow me to know who you are among the rest. Otherwise, nothing you say will ever be taken seriously and you end up looking quite the fool. Chances are, I do know who you are. Quite a few of you. And I'm unimpressed and frankly disappointed.

People have asked me to turn off anonymous comments - but I can't. If I do that, my regular non-blog folks with "internet nicknames" won't be able to comment. And I'm fine with anonymous comments - it's just the nasty ones that annoy me. I see no point in spending hours on a blog if all you can do is think up juvenile insults and judgy "pearls of wisdom" that lack any true wisdom or insight at all. (I especially laugh at those when I'm fully aware of who you are, yet you have no idea that I do.) Perhaps you need a new hobby, or to find your equally awkward life partner on Lavalife, hmm?

There are enough assholes and judgy know-it-alls among the shining stars in my real life - the ones on here affect me significantly less, yet the fact that they try so hard is irritating. So don't bother. Let's stick with the sunshine and lollipops, shall we? I'm negative enough for us all.

End rant.


Jack said...

This is bullshit.

If I can't judge you anonymously, then what's the point?

If you figure out who I am, then that leaves the door open for you to research me and discover if my feelings and thoughts are actually valid or just the mind-numbing word-vomit from an uneducated, inexperienced low life scumbag who's only goal is to make you as miserable as I probably am with my own life.


OHHHHHHH - okay, I see what you're getting at.

Seriously though, this blog is about a real person with real feelings and is chalked full of realness.

Those of you who decide to share your useless and oft chaotic thoughts are pathetic. A blog is a means of coping, venting and dealing with shit. It's a fabulous invention.

But if you're spreading hate, anger or making judgements based on one person's hardships....FUCK OFF - for your own sake. Cuz Karma's an angry, molevolent bitch.

Note that I'm not saying this anonymously.

Kris said...


This is why you need to move back - so we can beat people up.

Thanks, mister. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should go back blonde.
Ohhh.. we're NOT 'spose to comment anonymous. Well I stand by it.

Kris said...

Masuka! I'ma punch yer face in.... with love, of course.

Gage said...

I've posted something very similar on my blog in the past...I think ultimately some people are just fucked up and they can only feel a bit better about themselves by trashing someone anonymously. Idiots.

Kris said...

Definitely. And for the ones who knows you in real life? Well, they're just sad.

Phronk said...

I don't get it either. It's a strange sort of cruelty to put someone down without having a name, or even a nickname, behind it. What's the point? It's not even making the anonymous person look better in comparison, since (almost) nobody knows who they are.

They're probably just unhappy people who want to spread their misery. The same ones who pee on public toilet seats without cleaning up.

Kris said...

Agreed. And that's different than the people who pee on public toilet seats without cleaning up, yet leave a card with their name on it. Those people are lesser assholes. ;)

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

People are weirdos. Dr. Ken is man enough to post with his name. Actually, Dr. Ken isn't my name. Still, you can count on me not to come by and say rude stuff because that's just lame.

Kris said...

Dr. Ken is cool shit. And he could post as James Westfall and STILL be cool shit. Faux names are for fun people.

Anonymous said...

If you know who I am, good for you. Bravo! I'll tell "C" all about it when I see him next. I have no reason to make a fake name for myself when anonymous just works best.

screetus said...

This is why I prefer to be eponymous instead of anonymous. Or is that synonymous? Oh well, whatever.

Vincent James said...

I have the comment moderator thing on yet I still approve all real comments even if its anonymous and just reject spam ones. sometimes I reject double comments, or I publish them just so everyone knows that the person commenting didn't read and realize I have the comment moderator on...

that could make me a bad person but it's my blog, i do want i want

Kris said...

Anon - Heh. Thank you. You just proved the entire point of this post, as I knew one of you would. You can tell C whatever ya like, friend. Maybe tell him how many hours you parked on my blog this week...

screetus - You are certainly synonymous with eponymous. Also, you're nice. That's good.

Vincent - I don't moderate comments in case I have no access to a computer for awhile... it could limit some discussions. Besides, I'd be the same as you - keep the bad comments along with the good. I never delete em. :)

Sammael said...

Isn't this a blog? Isn't it all about a human posting her thoughts PUBLICLY for the world to see? Is everyone reading supposed to clap and cheer along to every post, to every video?

Kris, you're absolutely awesome ... but you run a public blog, unfortunately some punks are gonna have some form of comment or two at your posts. Guilty.

What IS great is how you leave the good comments with the bad ... you are an awesome host here ... but, I'm with you on the Anons, it was in fact the first annoyance I encountered here ... some Anon voicing an opinion when you can certainly hold up your own ... I haven't "insulted" anyone since ... and this morning, I was searching for a smartass response from you in return, not such an angry one ...

My apologies and I didnt mean anything malicious out of it ... today was the first day I checked in here since wishing you a happy birthday ... hope you had a good one.

Kris said...

Thanks, Sammael. It was a good birthday.

And I have no issue with people giving me negative feedback, so much. I mean... I don't have to like it. But I figure it's ok - cuz I can bite back. I just think it's weak when they hide behind "anonymous" posts.

So we're aaalllll on the same page here.

cole said...

fuck all the haterrrrs!
this is precisely why i can't keep a blog going - i am a giant baby and cruel anon's would make me a sad bear.

i <3 this blog! thanks for keeping it public even if people are trying to cramp your style.

Kris said...

Thanks, chick! They can cramp my style all they want. I guess it gives me a place to bitch, which is ok! ;)

Gregory said...

Jack White says it best:

Sea of Cowards indeed.

PatZ said...

I wonder when 4Chan will get annoyed with people on blogs using Anonymous for something other than mayhem.

My thoughts, just delete those comments.

If you can't take two seconds to come up with a fake name, or write your real name backwards, inside out and upside down for fear of some online reprisal or whatever, you don't belong on the internet.

Crap like this...

"if you know who I am, good for you. Bravo! I'll tell "C" all about it when I see him next. I have no reason to make a fake name for myself when anonymous just works best."

... just annoys people. Not to single out this Anonymous, but people who leave this kind of comment and allude to knowing people outside the blog world don't do anyone any favours. I had my fill of comments from Anonymous (no, not you, that other Anonymous.) and it got to the point where I'd just delete them when they landed in my inbox.

No one likes to talk to a nameless voice unless you're either crazy or religious, which amounts to much the same thing.

Were you to go to a bit more of an extreme, it might be taken as cowardice or an easy out for harassment. Not saying that's the case here, but it could easily lead to that.

Or you're a troll. and no one likes trolls. not even trolls like trolls.

and that's all I have to say about that and a box of chocolate.

tony said...

Jack White does play that guitar well, but he did not say it best.

the busblog did. several times.

heres one small example

Kris said...

Gregory - I do love me some Jack White. And he's right.

PatZ - Brilliant. Let's be business partners. I agree on all counts.... and as for that particular anonymous? They're the ones that try to get under your skin on a personal level cuz they think they can hurt you by mentioning ex boyfriends or current friends or long lost Muppets. It's all very sad.

Tony - Wow, a throwback! Well done. But between anons and Merkley.... it just gets a bit too much, eh? ;)

Leah said...

You suck, assface.


Kris said...


Yer mean, Anony-Leah!

Andrew said...

Best rant I've seen all week by far, 10/10.

Kris said...

Well thank you, kinda sir.

I was always told that my bitching and whining would never get me anywhere, but look! I got a 10/10. :)

Kris said...

...I meant KIND sir.

Andrew said...

Well there you go! They always say hard work pays off.

Anonymous said...

Arcade Fire, LIVE at Madison Square Garden streamling live over YouTube!

More fun than dishing trash talk with you wankers!

Later babe!

Kris said...

This here wanker watched some of it, but the stream kept crapping out on me!


Anonymous said...

I think that often people are pretty closed minded and unable to even consider a different viewpoint.

Not all opposition is malicious.

And not all of the positive feedback people receive from their loyal Blog fans is good.

Bottom line, if you put your life on television, it's going to be critiqued. If you can't handle that, than find a new hobby because blogging isn't even going to change.

As for being anonymous. Not everybody wants to put their name online. The fact that people are posting negative comments doesn't change if there is a name attached, or a nick name, or a moniker or anything. Thats the most perplexing part of what all the "nice people" here are bitching about. a small few of them have their names up here. Almost none.

So really, lets cut the shit. It's about not wanting bad comments, not about anonymous posting.

You guys should know this by now, some of you are Blog vets, this is blogging 101 kids.

Phronk said...

Yeah, maybe it's time for you to move on to Blogging 201 then, Anon.

It's not about attaching a real name. It's about attaching a consistent identity. That way, when they post something constructive—whether it's positive or negative—they begin to build a reputation. Their future feedback will carry more weight with that reputation behind it. Anonymous feedback, with no reputation on the line at all, carries very little weight.

Not having the guts to even risk a semi-anonymous internet reputation is pretty cowardly. I still give people the option, because to each their own, but it's really not a very good one IMHO.

Kris said...

You're wrong.

I'm not talking about people putting their real names on here. Just ANY name. Because there are people who stay anonymous in order to be malicious, and don't want to be tracked whatsoever because they don't wish to take ownership of the bullshit they spewed.

I've said it a million goddamn times - I have no problem with people giving me negative feedback. I just think it's weak and cowardly to keep it anonymous without even an internet nickname, because then they can change "personas" as they please, as long as they're anonymous. There are specific and personal reasons why this pisses me off; you don't have to agree or understand it. You chose to read my blog, no one forced you.

Don't call me closed-minded, when clearly YOU aren't even addressing what this post was about at all.

Kris said...

Phronk - EXACTLY. Thank you.

Phronk said...

Kris - EXACTLY. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Oh I understand it.

I assure you of that.

No need to be angry, this is not an attack, just an opposing opinion that both yourself, and your loyal blog reader have chosen to view as one. Seems terribly un-democratic.


Kris said...

This isn't a democracy. Get outta my house, bitch.

Anonymous said...


Your ex is way cooler than you.

So is his blog.



Kris said...

He's stupid.

Shevy said...

I hate cowards. I hate people who are cruel just for the sake of it... And I hate that I live so far away that I can't find these people who are cowardly being malicious just because they got so tired of hearing themselves speak that they now need to see their words in print to feel better about their pathetic, cold, and lonely little lives. Cuz if I lived closer... You'd learn to be nice.

Kris... Cowards suck. You're awesome. Nuff said...

As for the Blogging 101 Anon... You're picking a fight just to be a prick. You're not even on topic. Anon comments are fine if you don't make them personal attacks.

Hugs Kris

Anonymous said...


Don't be an idiot just for the joy of being a paper hero.

Nobody insulted anyone.


Off topic? Please. My apologies if I didn't provide cliff notes for the Comprehensively impaired....

dude, you just threatened anonymous Blog commenters. Like, physically. Stable much?

The Hypocrisy some people are capable of is astounding. As if being a douche is justifiable just as long as you're batting for the home team.

ps. Your last sentence is the exact thing I wrote. Classically you don't even realize it.

Kris said...

Anon - watch it.

She's got every right to "physically threaten" whomever she pleases. She's my cousin. Therefore, anything person to me is personal to her.

Don't talk about hypocrisy, stability, or what is justifiable and what isn't.

Re-read the post. You've now become exactly what I wrote about, whether I know who you are or not. You insulted someone, and called her an idiot.

Let's just drop it, shall we?

(On another note... I blog because I like to spark debates and conversation in the comments. We did that. Now we can stop.)

Shevy said...

awwww... I love a good debate too.

I physically threatened someone? Really? I did. Woah...
I'm even more impressive than I thought! I just meant that I am quick whited and sharp tongued... if someone hurts someone I love, they end up being the target of my evilness. :) That is all. I'm mean when I need to be... ie, i can make someone feel small and insignificant if they feel the need to do the same to others.

Alas, maybe you are not a prick and I am definitely NOT an idiot... And I'm a stable enough to agree to disagree.

Oh... And I didn't realize you said HUGS KRIS anywhere in your posts... I read them all again... Didn't see it. Because although small, technically, that was my last sentence.


Kris said...

(I was gonna say the same thing about the last sentence, but I refrained. Heh.)

Hugs back, girly!

semag.dnim said...

I was going to comment anonymously, but I get the point of your post.
BTW I don’t know you and vice versa, just passing through.

I applaud all bloggers for their dedication and effort in producing public content each day.

I'm not sure of the motivation to expose yourself to the idiots of the world, but I would imagine there are as many reasons as there are bloggers.

It’s sad that there are so many jealous and/or bitter people that feel they are entitled to attack people they know without identifying themselves.
But I understand that they are small, petty people.

I think it’s even sadder that there are people who post negative comments on stranger’s blogs.
I often wonder if it is just a few crazies posting on everyone’s blog or if it’s some kind of blog-haters cult.

But I find it amusing how self-righteous they are that their “free-speech” be protected and not contradicted.

Anyway, thanks for the free entertainment.


Kris said...

Thanks for the comment :)

And honestly... a lot of them are people who may know me slightly in the "real world" or know someone I know, etc, etc.... and some are simply strangers who wish to cause crap. Those always amuse me most, because they'll read my blog every day without fail, yet comment about how everything I post is stupid. No one is ever forced to read a blog, yet many do. And some of those who are the most dedicated readers like to try to get a rise out of the bloggers.

You're right - they are small and petty, whether they know me or not.

That said, I welcome anonymous commenters. There are many positive ones, and neutral ones. The negative ones will never make sense to me, and I plan to give them all nicknames.

This could be fun.

Anonymous said...

Anonymity is important in society. People abuse it, but getting rid of it would be akin to closing down the highways because a few people speed.

I like hiding behind it because I really have no business being here. Although, even if you knew who I was, you wouldn't know me so I guess it's pretty inconsequential.

I'm a tourist.

Kris said...

As I've said many times, I'm NOT getting rid of it. I have no desire to. People can be anonymous all they want, it's specific instances that I'm bitching about.

And I like tourists.

Anonymous said...

I was more referring to that anti-4chan guy. I should have did that @(insert name) thing you guys do.

Kris said...

Ah, I never "@" anyone. I just say their names. Like I would a dog.

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