Saturday, September 11, 2010

Look At All My Trials & Tribulations, Sinking In a Gentle Pool Of Wine

Next Saturday, I'll be heading back to Toronto for the Deftones/Alice in Chains/ Mastodon show. I'm excited to see the Deftones again; it's been over ten years since I've seen them.

Because of that, I was recently reminiscing about when I was 17. A decade has gone by since then? Holy crap.

Even crazier, I realized that I started dating my first serious, long-term boyfriend at 17 (when that thought popped into my head, I immediately got online and reminded him of how friggin' old we are. It feels like 5 years since we dated. He probably doesn't agree.)

When I was 17, if you had asked me where I'd be in ten years, my answer probably would have been (with a shake of my blonde hair and a flip of my Catholic school kilt):

"I'll be a successful author with a rock-solid deal for more novels; newly married, hoping for two kids; playing guitar and singing with my band on weekends; TV show in the works; living by the lake in St. Catharines with a big backyard and a swing. For me."


Sorry, teenage Kris. Things changed.

I wonder if that kilt still fits.

The ten years after 17 twisted and turned in ways I never expected - great ways, nasty ways, irreplaceable ways. A lot of it has been quite a ride.

Some of those old predictions may still happen. Some won't, because I no longer wish for 'em.

Maybe when I'm 37, I'll look back on my 27 year-old self and laugh. Just a little.

Where did your decade younger self think you'd be now? And where will you be ten years from today?


ghost said...

my decade ago self was still wondering how i survived to reach my mid twenties.

ten years from now, who knows. i imagine i'll be a successful author with a rock-solid deal for more novels. if i could just sell the five i've written so far.

Kris said...

Any PR people reading this? Promote this man! Promote his books! Don't you know who he is???

Ten years from now, you'll be famous.

nickname needed said...

You know, I'm not sure, I think I was still indecisive when I was 19. I know I thought I'd be married to a wonder, amazing woman, maybe a couple kids, and I woulda been happy at that I think. Since than I had had a lot happen as well. All of which to this day I'm grateful for. It has made me the man I am today. I can honestly say I am a great guy, putting all the praise I constantly get about it aside, I can't think of anyone I have ever hurt. I have always been there for the people close to me, and I have developed a very strong moral code.

Only thing missing. That girl, the one I've been hoping to find since I was 19 (earler really).

I'm sure when she is right, I shall find her. Maybe I already have and things haven't fallen into place for her and I. Who knows, I'll just continue being me, and let life happen, regardless of where it goes from here.

Kris said...

I agree. And am the same... except, y'know... looking for the right guy. ;)

Masuka said...

Are you going to schedule a date at the Rhino and then not show up again with this little excursion to Toronto?

I never think about 10 years from now. Never have. I live very much in the now--this is both positive and negative cuz I'm not always looking at the big picture but I also feel like I'm not looking so far ahead as to not miss out on the awesomeness that is now.

Andrew said...

When I was 17 I totally thought I'd be an unemployed non-famous blogger. 10 years from now? A cast member of The Big Bang Theory.

Kris said...

Masuka - Yeah, that's what I'm trying to. I have no idea where I'll be in ten years, and if I guessed? The outcome would be hugely different, I bet. I'm good at setting myself up for disappointment, so I'm not gonna bother.

Andrew - We're both unemployed non-famous bloggers. Should we start a business?

I also wanna steal your forecasting - cast member of The big Bang Theory? I wanna be one too!

Mike D. said...

Nothing happened like I thought it would be so my 18 year old self was pretty wrong. In ten years I hope to have actually done something.

As for your kilt, I remember it. You walked past my house a few times and I ran into you after school. Good kilt memories, I have to say. The stems on you... Go Raiders. Is that right?

Kris said...

I passed your house? That's weird. My bus stop was on the other side.

And yes. The Raiders. Oh, the school spirit I didn't have... I joined no clubs or teams or anything. Guess I wasn't a joiner.

Alyson said...

My 17-year old self never looked that far into the future; too much drama and teenage bullshit to think that far ahead.

However, 27 is only a couple of years off and I have a pretty good idea as to where I want to be... I think. Hah.

Kris said...

Y'know, even if I had been asked "Where do you think you'll be in a year?" last year, I'd be completely wrong.

Two years ago, even more so.

Phronk said...

So jealous of that concert.

I'd love to be tapping out novels for a living in ten years too. Seems to be a popular dream around here. But since that's pretty much impossible, and any plans are bound to change, anything more than tentative goals are pretty useless.

Even with romantic goals (which are pretty much at the top for me), who knows what'll happen. Marrying someone because you planned on marrying someone could get miserable pretty fast.

My only solid desire is to be no less happy in 10 years than I am today.

Kris said...

I like your answer. It's Phronk-tastic.

Although, admittedly, I hope to be happier in ten years.

Keir said...

Well, a decade ago today I was 23, slogging my way through my first year of post-university full-time blah employment. First band was on a hiatus, so they couldn't help me for another few months, but the comeback gig was gloriously chaotic.

I was already fat and bald, but also about to begin 6 years' worth of cohabitational sin, too, so it wasn't all bad. I had no real idea what the next decade would bring, but it ended up better than great:

This Was Not My Decade From Hell, Part 1:

This Was Not My Decade From Hell, Part 2:

Now, I turned 17 in late 1993—a wild time to be that age—in no way neurochemically complete whatsoever, and so would have no way to process the idea that I'd be married with a mortgage at 27. Rock stars are supposed to die at that age, so I knew I'd never be a rock star. There's too much to do.

Kris said...

I read your posts. sounds like you had an awesome decade. Is it wrong to be jealous?

I should sift through my pics and see what mine truly consisted of. Might not be fun, though :)

You're right, rock stars are supposed to die at 27. I'm 27. Maybe it's a good thing that I still haven't quite learned to play my guitar. (But that's supposed to change soon - maybe I should wait another year!)

Heff said...

I heard something about DishNetwork sponsoring a Alice In Chains show free on channel 101. Gonna check that out my damn self.

Kris said...

Whaaa? Really? Did they say which show?

I wonder if people will think I'm weird when I close my eyes and pretend Layne's singing. Not dead, though. I'll pretend he's alive. I feel like that's important to this exercise.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were catholic. Catholic school girl, hey?

Kris said...

Went to Catholic school, yeah. Stopped practicing when I was a lot younger, much to my mom's dismay. Didn't want to be part of an organized religion. Sorry, mom.

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