Wednesday, September 15, 2010

There's Always A Better Point of View, A Better Way To Do The Things We Do

Hello children.

Do you like stories about crackheads, stripper names and cute dogs? Of course you do. It's storytime! (Be forewarned - it's a long one)

People often ask me how I got Daisy. They figure that because she's a blue-eyed, all-white (read: rare and freaky cute) Jack Russell, I must've gone somewhere fancy.

Well... no. Not so much.

Daisy is a rescue through Jack Russell Rescue. The ex (henceforth referred to as "C") and I decided we wanted a chick dog to be a playmate for Jack, our other JRT. C had rescued dogs from the organization before, so we went right back to it. He found her on the site, we were saddened by her story and kinda intrigued by her strange look, so we signed up for her. And the bizarre adventure began.

C spoke with the girl who was giving Daisy away, and we made plans to pick her up in downtown Hamilton. We went to the apartment building and called. No answer. Having no idea what unit they were in, our only way of getting a hold of the owners was to call. Over and over. And over. No answer.

We circled the apartment building for hours, trying to figure out where they were. We spent forever just trying to find a way in the building so we could get our new girl and go home. But something was not right. The place was sketchy, they knew we were coming, and yet - nothing.


Finally, a man went out to his balcony. We called up to him, and he let us in the building. After explaining why we were there, he told us that there was a guy on the floor above him who had a bunch of dogs that were always barking. He wished us "good luck", and up we went.

We figured out which apartment they were in by calling their number and listening closely for the ring. We heard it, and they ignored the phone call yet again.

When we knocked on the door, we were greeted by the sound of dogs going absolutely crazy and a man screaming at them. He yelled "Misty, shut the fuck up!" a few times, and we knew we had the right place. Daisy's name used to be Misty, 'til we got her and changed it. (My dog is not a stripper.)

A girl opened the door and we were swarmed by dogs. Six of them, if I remember correctly. One of them was a little white Jack who was so happy to see new people. Another was a tiny Jack Russell puppy, Daisy's last baby, who kept jumping on me sweetly although he had a maimed paw.

The place was awful. A tiny bachelor apartment with overflowing ashtrays everywhere and newspapers on the floor for the dogs to pee on. I can't describe the smell, it was so bad. It housed 5 or 6 dogs, one cat, and two adults in that small space.

The man hid in the kitchen because he hadn't put pants on. We explained who we were to the girl. She was nice enough, but you could tell she got herself caught in a bad situation. Her eyes were glazed; she sat on the bed like she couldn't move as the man kept screaming at us from the kitchen. Lovely words like "Where's my fuckin' money?" and "Who the fuck are you?", etc, etc.

This was a crackhouse. They bred dogs for drug money, that much was apparent. Daisy had been their babymaker until she couldn't do it anymore - she no longer served a purpose for them, and that's why they got rid of her.

The girl kissed Daisy goodbye and gave us the leash. I felt for her, but she knew she was letting Daisy go to a better situation.

With tears in our eyes and our new dog at our feet, C and I got out of there as quick as we could.

On the ride to Toronto, we were fighting tears and anger because we wanted to go back and take the rest of the dogs. We felt so bad. But we couldn't do anything.

C and I knew right away that Daisy (no longer Misty) would have some issues. She was skin and bones, undernourished, had no idea how to walk on a leash or interact with new dogs. She was a sweetheart, ready to cuddle at any moment, but very afraid of being punished. Broke my damn heart to know that she was treated badly. If an arm was raised around her, she'd bark or cower. We have reason to believe her former owner hit her quite a bit. The signs of abuse were obvious.

She was a big part of our family immediately. Looking at the pictures above, you can see how well she fit with us, and loved her new best friend Jack. She became a happy girl, and she's the best thing I've ever known.

This is my girl now. Healthy, happy, fixed and very far away from her old life.

She is very loved, even by those that aren't around.

Moral of the story?

My bitch is the shit. And crack? Well, crack is whack.

The end. (You won't find a happier ending than this one.)


Gary said...

Okay, I think I even shed a tear reading this. Do not tell anyone I said this. That means you Kris (and anyone else reading for that matter).

Great story, glad to see it had a happy ending. And I am even more joyed at the fact that since you were there for her when she needed you, she has been there for you when you need it too! That there is really the best part about the ending!

Butter Chicken said...

I hate to break it to you, but Daisy is also a stripper name. She's on the main stage right now...

Butter Chicken said...

Oh, you should put your hands together for her. Daisy. DAAAAAIIII-SY.

/shitty rap song starts playing.

Kris said...

Gary - I cried while going through pics to post and remembering that day. So I'm the bigger loser. :p

Butter Chicken - Yes, but Misty is more of a stripper name than Daisy is. And we had to find something close enough to Misty so she would respond to it.

I'll beat you up. :)

Masuka said...

Daisy is WAAAAAY more stripper name than misty. Daisy screams scantily clad female (daisy dukes)

I digress, anyone that hurts dogs should be ground up and fed to them.. Anyone who is mean to cats should be commended.

the end.

Shaz said...

Why did you not call SPCA on that place? Whyyyyyyy?

I am all teary-eyed for the Puppers and the Puppers with the maimed paw :(

Kris said...

Mauka - As an expert on strippers, maybe you'd know. But I disagree! Daisy is a nicer, cuter name than Misty. It's a flower... wtf is a Misty?

Shaz - Sorry for the teary-ness, Shazzi! We let the rescue organization know. They dealt with it. And Daisy's puppy with the maimed paw was named Moe, and he was rescued right away. His paw healed (no thanks to that crackhead dude), and I have a pic of his Grade 1 graduation :)

Gary said...

Well for anyone that watching the show Californication, there is a character introduced I believe in the second season named Daisy... her job... a Porn Star.

Asfr the bigger loser I still win, it is your dog you are attached and allowed to cry, and you are a girl :P

I am a dude... I just shouldn't be doing that lol!

Again great story Kris.

Kris said...

Thanks Gary. And yeah, I know Daisy the porn star. I didn't really like her.

Mike D. said...

Wow Kris. You and Craig did a good thing. I always thought you just picked her up from the rescue people.

Kris said...

Nope. But even if we did, she still would've been from the same place. Maybe it's better that we actually went there so we could understand her better. I dunno?

Reverend Lowell said...

Kris - I'll be emailing you the story of how we got our little Rescue Russell. I'd do it now, but I have no photos on this computer! And everyone knows, dog stories must have dog photos. "Lilly" had a very rough beginning, but she hit the Doggie Jackpot when she adopted my wife and daughter.

For now, just thank you for being the person you are; for revealing that great, kind, and compassionate person. ( Saint Francis still remembers such behavior.)

Kris said...

Rev - I once met, and have pics of a Lilly who looked a lot like Daisy without the blue eyes. Would that be yours?

I'm looking forward to reading the email about her. :)

Anonymous said...

I cried a lot. I admit that.

beaches_dude58 said...

Her name today is Daisy, but her story made my eyes misty. What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing.

Kris said...

Sorry for making people teary - but Daisy says thanks for the nice words :) Almost two years later, she doesn't respond at all to the name "Misty".

Anonymous said...

So what happened to your other dog? (I apologize if something happened to him, you don't have to explain.)

Kris said...

Oh - No, nothing happened to him. He lives with my ex, and Daisy lives with me. He's fine!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it. Sorry, I was new to your blog and just read through some of the archives this morning. Should have done that before asking!

Kris said...

No worries! :)

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