Monday, October 4, 2010

Do You Remember When We Met? That's The Day I Knew You Were My Pet

Did the Nuit Blanche thing on Saturday. Started around 7pm - and stayed out for the entire 12 hours. I really didn't mean to, but hell. When things are still open you lose track of time.

Prepare for a picture-ful post, people.

Was so happy to start off the night with two of my favourite people and their new beautiful bundle.

She was clearly riveted by the entire Nuit Blanche experience. I was riveted by her in general, and had to fight the urge to steal her.

Yes, I am a bad person. Babies are my weakness.

Got to hang out with a lot of people that I haven't seen in awhile - sadly didn't get pictures of them all, but they know who they are (that is, if they're reading this. Are you? Huh?)

Our total walk was about 10km, but it seemed to take forever to get from Nathan Philip Square to the Gladstone, where we ended up. Hardly saw any exhibits or installations because the lineups were insane or we somehow missed a lot.

These things happen.

The Daniel Lanois exhibit at the square. Pretty great, we liked it. But I do have an issue.

As soon as we got there, the clips on all the huge screens (that go alone with music) were playing scenes from scary flicks. My first reaction as always? "There better NOT be any Excorcist scenes."

Of course there were. So for a few minutes, your cowardly blogfriend Kris had to stare at her shoes. Sad.

It's like my life is one long mustache party. Lookin' good, Michelle!

This was fun. They played Street Fighter with musical instruments.

Oh look, it's Masuka and his wife!

This was at the Gladstone where we were supposed to stop briefly for a beer and bit o' burlesque, before heading down to (where else?) the Rhino.

Yeah. But we kinda didn't leave the Gladstone til about 6am.

Jordan with some lovely burlesque ladies.

 A blast from a few years past, Leah entertains Mike with stories. And thumbs.

I missed out on karaoke, much to my dismay, but I somehow managed to get on stage over at the burlesque side of things. Not to do burlesque, mind you. I don't like to scare people away.

Yes, I love Nikki Sixx. So?

Topped off the nuit with some delicious poutine over at the Lakeview. Poutine makes every night/early morning good.

We crashed in the back of Leah's car for about an hour, then headed on home to Niagara in the rain.

Sunday was for sleeping and general zombie-like behaviour. Can't tell if my brain is working properly yet or not.

I named the Bench 'o German Flag Colours "Schweinsteiger". It now belongs to me.

Thanks for comin' on the journey with me, people. Now go back to sleep. Please.


Doc said...

You might want to change the name of that bench to the "Audrey Hepburn" seeing how that's the Belgian flag your sitting on.

Hope all is well Kristen. :)

Kris said...

Aw crap. Is it?

I knew the colours were int he wrong order - didn't realize it was another flag altogether. My life is a sham! ;)

Thanks Doc. Hope everything is great in Doc-world!

Masuka said...

I'm reading this on the streetcar on my fancy new iPhone 4.. And the dude beside me is like "hey I read that!" .. So, hi Brad!!

Was also great to finally see you! Do you remember what u said to me when we said goodbye?? Hahah

Kris said...

A guy named Brad reads this? Cool. Hi Brad! I think you should comment so we can be bestest friends.

Umm... no, Masuka. I don't remember. Other than 'bye'. And whatever we texted afterwards. Was it about your wife being hot?

RealSuperKeith said...

#1) I need some new camera-face expressions

#2) my vampire eyes were timed perfectly

#3) at 6am, starving for poutine with a cold front coming – the flag colour order don’t matter, the point is they’re like German colours. Right? Right. Besides – how about that photo-artistry by yours truly, huh?

#4) Masuka – nice to have met you and your wife. Next time y’all get to meet my wife.

#5) I know! I know what Masuka said! Um…no, I don’t…

…now excuse me while I get back to listening to my Jeff Buckley records – it’s been that kinda day…

Kris said...

Excellent phot-artisty, true. And I'm still pretending it's German.

Ah, Buckley. My love for him is deep... which is probably why I kept yelling that the one dude on that wall mural on Queen West looked just like him, but naked... and alive.


Mike D. said...

Looks like fun! So what were you on stage for?

Kris said...

I think I had to teach a guy how to pick up girls or something. It was 5:30 in the morning, I was probably half-asleep up there. Even when I'm a mic hog.

ghost said...

i dont have to fake the stasche.

Kris said...

I do, thankfully.

Anonymous said...

Nuit Blanche was garbage this year.

Kris said...

Last year garbage bags were part of Nuit Blanche. So maybe last year was garbage.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

That looks like it was one helluva night. Random burlesque chicks never hurt anything.

Kris said...

I recommend it. Go find some!

Anonymous said...

Last year was garbage too, but this year was worse. You seemed to do it better than I did.

Kris said...

Yeah, well. I do things all good-like as a general rule. Maybe I should hold a conference and teach everyone the good-like ways of me.

Watch out for "Teach Me How To Warm It Up, Kris - A Conference For People Who Don't Do Things Good."


Anonymous said...

You are a hot long legged feisty woman. I miss that.

Kris said...

Miss it? Huh?

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