Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm So Mad To Love You And Your Evil Curse

I just received an email from a very sweet man, thanking me for an old post I wrote on my other blog. So, since that old post made more than a few people take the time to message me, and since that blog attracts a different readership than this one (and, y'know... since it's Saturday and I'm lazy), I've decided to re-post it here.

The Orange Post-It (April 16, 2010):

I recently came across a post-it note that I had taped to my desk at the radio station.

A co-worker and friend had told me about an old saying her elder relatives had taught her, so that she would use it throughout her life.

It was in Hebrew, but she had her grandfather translate it for me.

Once translated, the crux of this old saying was that you could judge a man by the way he handles:
his anger,
his drink,
and his pocket.

Meaning that if a man had a bad temper, drank too much and was not wise with his money, then you were smart to keep looking.

But if you found a man who had all of these under control, then he was a good man worth keeping.

So roughly a year ago, on this orange Post-It note, I wrote:

"His anger,
his drink,
& his pocket."

I did not want to forget.

For me, I think it's a great indicator for who you want in your life in general. Friends, lovers, male, female... everyone. Including myself.

I want to know that I am always in control of

my anger,
my drink,
and my pocket.

Perhaps this orange Post-It note needs a new place to remind me.


ScottMescudi said...

If I don't have any problems with those, I'm doing great?

I don't drink much..
I don't have any problem with money
I control my emotions with ease.

Nice. Those of great indicators but you can't just use those. I think that someones perception of life should be considered and things they value also. As you get to know someone better, others things just might surprise you.

The greatest thing is a to have a great bond with someone you know. That's invaluable.

Kris said...

I'm not saying that these are the only ways to gauge a good person. Of course not; the variables are countless. It's more or less that if a person is BAD with these particular things, then perhaps you should think twice about them. Given my past with some people, this rang very true and I wish I'd heard it many years ago. Something honestly clicked when my friend shared this with me.

The other things you're talking about are different from these ones. These are more like warnings or red flags. And very true.

ScottMescudi said...

My bad! I just wrote what I had in mind. I kinda went off-topic.

Kris said...

Nope, you were right! Just a different point. It all goes together :)

Anonymous said...

I'm better at controlling those things than I used to be.

ghost said...

one of my favorites for sure.

Kris said...

Steve - Me too. It's a damn good thing to learn.

ghost - YOU'RE one one my favourites. :p

Mike D. said...

Still makes sense to me. Smart.

Kris said...

I thought so too, D.

And ghost, let's pretend that said "one OF my favourites". Heh.

Jack said...

I'm so screwed.

Kris said...

You are not. Trust me.

ps - When are you back?

Alyson said...

I liked this post a lot, I'll have to check out your old blog in-depth when I have more time :)

Kris said...

Thanks. :) It's not so much an old blog, I just don't update it regularly. It's more like my whiny blog.

Jack said...

Date of departure is set for December 19th.
It will be a battle against Canada's favourite season.

P.S. I'm watching Lethal Weapon 3 right now. I wish Leo Getz was related to you.

Kris said...

I've heard that a few times. I should pretend!

Friend said...

That is a really great song to cap off a really great post. :)

Kris said...

Thanks, Friend!

Jess said...

This post would have been very helpful to me through out the years. The men I dated have been bad with all of those things, and I think I fooled myself into believing things would eventually be okay, but they never were. I just printed this on a post it of my own. Thanks.

Kris said...

Me too, Jess. When my friend told me about this, I literally slapped myself on the head and said "This makes so much sense, I'm so stupid."

6:49 poet said...

I am angry that I have no money in my pockets to buy a drink.

6:49 poet

Kris said...

I think you still pass. Cuz I said so.

ghost said...

thank you so much! i needed that.

Kris said...

Anytime ;)

krista zee said...

I = pocket-FAIL

But other than that I am ok :)

Kris said...

It's tough to do!

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