Thursday, November 11, 2010

Listen To The Girl As She Takes On Half The World

It's another day where my brain is at a loss for blog topics, due to real life keeping the grey matter busy. Busy doesn't always equal "superfuntime blog fodder", and so I turn to my fallback.

Formspring questions & cell phone pictures.

You knew it was coming.


Does playing hard to get ever work?

Can't say for sure, as I've never played it. I've BEEN hard to get because I sometimes need convincing, but playing hard to get is for suckas. Unless it works for ya.

It can bite you in the ass, though.

Sometimes two people want to be together, but both play hard to get because they don't want to seem weak. They hope the other person will admit their feelings first. It's a power struggle due to stubbornness and can result in those two people never ending up together. Shame, really

Moral of the story? If you want someone, tell 'em.

What a novel idea!

2010 is almost over. What is one thing you've learned this year?

Aw, hell.

It's no secret that that has been a particularly nasty year for me. Murphy's Law was in effect for most of it. (Y'know... everything that can go wrong will go wrong). You, my dear readers, had to suffer along with me for whichever parts I actually shared on here. Be glad I didn't write about them all.

But what have I learned? Hmm....

I learned that I'm awesome and will never again let people make me believe differently, nor will I let them screw with me again. I learned that being alone has its merits. I learned that change can't be avoided, so ya gotta embrace it. I learned that Daisy will kill any small animal she's permitted to catch. I learned that I have an insane capacity to love, and I'm not ashamed of it. Mock me if you will.

Guess that's more than one thing. So i also learned that I still suck at math. 

Are you in love yet? We're waiting for it.

I'm always in love. Whether with something or someone, it's always there in some way. (No, I don't love "lamp". But I might've had a passing fancy with "ceiling fan".)

Yeah, yeah....I know what you're asking. Oh, the love life questions. I will always get exactly what I'm after, somehow. But these things take time and this roller-coaster ride isn't quite over.

So don't start planning my wedding yet.

Unless ya wanna pay for it.


Dental Dyn-o-mite said...

I'm in love with my couch.

Masuka said...

I love when you live here so we can drink together even though we didn't.. Haha

Kris said...

Aar - I can't wait to get a new couch so I can be in love with it.

Masuka - We didn't this time. But we will when I come back. You know beer makes me happy 'n junk.

Mike D. said...

Well now I want to know what you want and say you will get. And playing hard to get is so silly, who has time for it?

Kris said...

I'm not telling. Ha!

I assume lots of people have time for it, cuz many people do that. Silly is correct, my friend.

Anonymous said...

You are the wind beneath my wings.

Kris said...

Well thank Jebus for that!

Friend said...

When you find your spot and are back in the city for good, I guarantee you'll end up with the relationship you always wanted. I just bet!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Was "I'm always in love" a Wilco reference? I think I'm going to put that song on a mix for my run right now. Thanks!

Kris said...

Friend - We bettin' money on this one? ;)

DKN - It just might've been subconscious. And good idea. A Wilco day for all! (Actually, here's a coincidence... the title of this post is from the Jesus & Mary Chain, and when I listened to them last I mixed their tunes with Wilco ones. Hmmm.)

Friend said...

We can bet if you want, but you have more control of the outcome than I do!

Kris said...

True, I may choose to stay single for a loooong time. Or I may have no choice! ;) The bet is ON!

1:43 poet said...

I think you are a God within the center of your own mandala. This is a nice feeling I am thinking. Now how to monetize your persuasive hypnotic abilities? This seems to be your life's challenge. You have all the tools, the intrigue, the audience, the brains, the mental brawns, save one tool, the focus. Me, I suggest practicing focus in any and all forms. Yoga, puzzles, bare attention, iq tests, difficult reading, tedious memorizations and even better try these on a busy streetcar or subway. Well not yoga... crazy yoga lady on subway.

1:43 poet

Kris said...

Being the crazy yoga lady on a subway could become a viral YouTube video.

I've got the focus, it's just used on multiple things. Some that I shouldn't waste time on, maybe. But I can't be sure.

krista zee said...

nice blog title. that song is a slight obsession of mine :)

Kris said...

It's a good obsession choice.

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