Friday, November 5, 2010

Then You Said The Emotions Are Dead, It's No Wonder That You Feel So Strange

Tomorrow I head back to Niagara.

Two-week stint done.

If Daisy has forgotten who I am, I'll cry. I mean it. I'm really good at crying, I listed it as a skill on my resume under "putting my legs behind my head and racing around on my ass" and "swearing inappropriately during conversations of a serious and subdued nature."

Some of my St. Catharines folks have asked me what I've been up to while here. And if I was happy.

Let's see here...

I've hung out with some friends. I've eaten poutine. I've gone to The Rhino more than once (surprised? anyone?). I've sat in this basement apartment contemplating stuff 'n junk. I've walked and played with Daisy's old boyfriend/my old JRT son. I've made microwave dinners on the stove. I've walked a whole friggin' lot. I've stressed and worried. I've used Arcade Fire's "Suburbs" album as my soundtrack during this stay, because every word of it seems to ring true to me.

I...y'know.... worked.

I should also mention that I've looked for apartments. This has proved insanely difficult since, yet again, no one accepts dogs.

Come on now.

Daisy is quieter and nicer than I am. She also drinks less and hasn't adopted my keen knack for whining.

So smarten up, landlords. We're awesometastic tenants.

So what happens next, you may ask?

I can't be entirely sure. I think I'll be right back in the good ol' Big Smoke.

But for all I know, I may just be left to exist in my hometown.

I dunno. I'm not psychic, man.

All I have is tonight.

And it had better consist of more than sitting on my laptop eating Pizza Pops and packing up two weeks worth of clothes.

It's been a slice, Toronto. I'll surely be back in just a few.

(But do me a favour and make a perfect apartment available for me and my li'l bitch, ok? Thanks.)

With that, I say goodbye.


ghetto.punk.chic said...

You lie!

Daisy does so whine...and when she does she sounds like a pig.

And that's why I like it.

ghost said...

being a psychic would be a total drag, i think. there wouldnt ever be a surprise.

Kris said...

Leah - Not the kinda whining I meant. She does her piggy-whining out of excitement and loooove.

ghost - Agreed. That'd get boring.

Anonymous said...

I'm apartment hunting with a dog, too. Some areas seem to allow pets, some just want nothing to do with them. Sucks.

Kris said...

Pretty frustrating, eh?

Lindsey said...

Having to move is the absolute worst. Most places here will let you have pets, you just have to pay an arm and a leg for a pet deposit. Good luck!

Kris said...

Pet deposit? I've never heard of that, really? Damn. All I've been hearing is "no pets whatsoever". :(

Daisy said...

Welcome home Mommy!!!

Kris said...

Ha! Did you steal my laptop again, little bitch? Since you've been burrowing all morning in the doggy fort you made on my bed, I can't be sure how you found the time to get online. Interesting. :)

Mike D. said...

You're all over the place, I can't keep up.

Kris said...

Not really. Was in St. Cath, then was in Toronto. Now I'm back in St. Cath til I head back to Toronto. Ta-dah!

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