Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Can See A Better Time, Where All Our Dreams Come True

I used to be a Christmas obsessor.

Oh yeah. You know the type.

I  had countdowns on calendars, extensive lists of gifts to buy, and silly giddy excitement that is usually found in 5-year olds, before they ever hear that crazy rumour about Santa being fictional. (Screw you. He's real. I saw him at the mall and he gave me a candy cane.)

When money got tight (read: non-existent), Christmas became a little bit different. It was hard enough to find a way back home, nevermind buying the perfect presents for everyone. There was too much stress and too many complicated details to allow us to get into the "Christmas spirit" correctly, so the past few haven't been as happy as they should've. (Not to say we didn't make the best of it, see here and here).

It's a little strange to read this old blog letter to Santa and see how the year progressed from there. Reading it made me tear up a bit, I won't lie. Egg nog makes me emotional, ok? Geez.

This year will be my first Christmas and New Years in ten years as a single chick. It's a little (lot) different, not planning visits with the "in-laws" or doing everything as a couple. But you know what? As weird as it feels, I'm really looking forward to this one. Spending time with family, being able to give gifts, etc.

And spoiling this little Santa Claws.

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays, everybody.

And just like every year, I'm posting the Pogues:

Cheers to all of you. (And stay tuned for a Shambled Ramblings giveaway in a couple of days!)


Masuka said...

Merry Happy time. Family is most important, so soak in the good times with them!!!

jetson stamina said...

For years I had a cat named cat. He ruined christmas.

There's nothing more degrading than constantly pulling tinsel out of your cat's ass while it purrs at you.

You try to avoid making eye contact, but you both know what's going down.

You know what your options are... A) Leave the tinsel in and watch your cat prance around with a pearl necklace of shit balls and tinsel sticking out of it's ass or give your cat a purrgasm by slowly pulling out a seemingly endless spool of glitter strands.

Still though... I loved that Cat.

My point here is, don't put tinsel in the fucking tree!

Kris said...

Masuka - You speak the truth. Merry Christmas, my dear!

Jetson - No tinsel on my tree, fret not. I'm not lookin' to pull ANYTHING outta Daisy's ass this festive season.

Mike D. said...

Merry Christmas, pretty!

Andrew said...

Merry Christmas Kristen!

Kris said...

Merry Christmas, D and Andrew! Hope you guys have an awesome holiday!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Kris. Keep up the awesomeness in the new year, ok?

Kris said...

Merry Christmas, Anon!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I loved this Christmas being single. No one else's family; just mine.

Felt good.

NYE, that's another story. That gets lonely, especially when I"m out with all couples.

BUT, it's good for you. Builds character and helps you figure out who you are.

Kris said...

You're right. And I suppose that, for once, I won't have to worry about a significant other getting too drunk and starting a fight, or any other such drama that I've had all these years.

Drama free 2011!

Happy New Year, Dr. Ken!

Anonymous said...

A late Merry Christmas to a beautiful girl, her beautiful dog, and a beautiful 2011. XOXO

Kris said...

Thanks, Anon. You too!!

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