Saturday, January 22, 2011

You Love Bands When They're Playin' Hard, You Want More & You Want It Fast

I am too busy to post actual content.  These things, they happen.

Instead, I give you an example of the kind of meaningless conversations that occur after being in front of my computer for far too damn long.

Me & Leah - we were weird when we were little, too. Please note my awesome tights.

Kris - So...I'll be moving soon.
You can come visit.

Leah - good! then I can come visit! lol
hahaha great minds

Kris - and we can have brunch
we like brunch.

Leah - mmm...rhino

Kris - and i will try eggs benny for once in my life
such a rebel i am.
rebel, rebel. bowie-like rebel.

Leah - so badass

Kris - you can't handle my badassedness
i might even get ICE in my water that i drink with it
ice is the devil's frozen treat

Leah - mmm....cold & evil

Kris - like men. evil ones.
ima buy a tv today i think

Leah - tvs are good for watchin stuff
when are you doing that?

Kris - at tv o'clock.
i dont know.
when i have a free moment
so... never.
ill just watch the wall as i type furiously upon my keyboard of doom.

Leah - i was gonna see if you wanted to come over tonight...keep me company while i paint furniture awesomely

Kris - drunk company while you paint drunk furniture?
i dunno dude, im working.
all hours of your life.
do you ever get pains from your elbow that shoot up to your hair when you rest your elbow on a table?

Leah - haha. you are a million places at once.
yes, if you want to drink & paint that is acceptable.
only if you have time, of course. Otherwise, I can do it me-selfs.

Kris - i said hair
and i meant hand
pains shouldnt shoot up to your hair. no.
or should they?

Leah - maybe once or twice.
not three times.

Kris - it's been at least ten million.


Masuka said...

mm brunch.

Kris said...

You can come, too.

Mike D. said...

Most more kid pictures of you guys! Do a time line ;)

Kris said...

That's 27 years of pictures. I don't think anyone can handle that!

Anonymous said...

You have shooting pains in your elbow? Did you get it checked out?

Eggs B-B-B-Benny and the Jets said...

You'll LOVE the taste of my yolk.

Kris said...

Anon - Nope. I figured it was normal cuz it happens all the time. Does no one else get that???

Eggs Benny - Oh my.

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