Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In A White Sea Of Eyes, I See One Pair That I Recognize

I got a message from a reader asking me to "spill my Valentines Day shenanigans".

Sorry to fail you all, but... there were no shenanigans to be had. On purpose.

I decided to decline every offer. All dinner dates, all "hangouts", movie dates, and even beers with friends.

Instead, I spent it with the very best Valentine a chick could ask for.


I didn't have to buy her presents.

I didn't have to dress up (or get dressed at all, for that matter).

I didn't have to do much of anything, and she still cuddled with me.

I watched a movie, had a beer and ate fatty snacks - no judgment from my Valentine.

I'm a traditional girly sometimes...and I always spend Valentines Day with the one I love most. So I did.

Just so happens that this year that "person" was four-legged, very cute, gave a lot of kisses and spent most of the night passed out in my bed.
Yeah. Not so different from most of my past boy Valentines. Guess I have a type!

There you have it. While you were all out on hot dates and dressed to the nines, or having "Anti-Valentines" drinkfests with friends - I was at home with my dog and perfectly content.

Wanna fight about it?

So Happy Discount-Chocolate-Day-After-Vday, hosers. I love you all.

(Except for that one guy, but c'mon... nobody can love that guy.)

Hugs 'n ass slaps,

The Not Totally Bitter Single Chick


Alyson said...

Daisy totally sounds like the best VD date ever.

PatZ said...

you know you could use those ass slaps to determine how many people had a busy night depending on their reaction to being slapped on the ass again.

Kris said...

Alyson - She was! And without VD ;)

Pat - Good call. Everyone, get in line!!!

Masuka said...

Happy V Day Miss Kris. I also spent my V day with my favorite four legged friend. Then he hurt himself and blamed me for it and spent the night on the opposite couch.

I digress, lets do lunch this week!

Kris said...

I'm booked during the days, but I'll be in touch!

ghost said...

Wait...I'm not that one guy am I?

I asked my daughter to be my valentine. She accepted and we spent the day playing with her my little ponies and watching sesame street reruns.

Kris said...

Of course you're not that guy! Everyone loves ghost :)

Your Valentines Day wins. That sounds pretty damn awesome and sweet at the same time.

Mike D. said...

I have to wonder exactly how many dates you turned down. Daisy must feel lucky.

What fatty snacks did you go with?

Kris said...

Ruffles w/ the ranch dip that I used to be obsessed with, banana bread, cookies... nuthin' overly crazy. :)

Anonymous said...

thought you stopped rejecting guys...

6:57 poet said...

Wow, Daisy looks passed out off a few too many. Nothing says happy Valentine's day like pounding a few Labatt fitties with a woman's best friend.

My wish would be to have two huskies, white with blue eyes. I would name them Sasha for the girl, and the boy would be named Vlade. When I call them I would say, 'Come here Soshy and Vlady.' Because I always add a 'y' to the names of things that are familiar to me, are cute, or that I love. Here, try it for Toronto... Tonontouille. My huskies and I would have so much fun. In the winter I'd let them pull me on my snowboard, crosscountry through the park as I surft 20 ft. behind them with a tow rope in my hands and in the summer, we'd go for psycho long jogs and we'd feed off eachother to push further and faster. They'd always win of course, they are friggin wolves after all. And maybe Soshy and Vlady would fall in love and make little baby puppy huskies, with tiny little noses and cute expressive eyebrows.

Ok, my dream is over. Well, just beginning. Well, I am living one. Well, we all are. Well, all is, is it not? Well ya. ya.

6:57 poet

Kris said...

anon - Being open to dating doesn't mean I have to go out with everyone who asks. I wanted to spend Valentines without a date, is that an issue?

Poet - Ah, how we've missed your comment. Soshy and Vladey would be friends with Daisy...y.. Daisy-y? Just don't let em try to beat her up, she's tough. But small.

Dream, my friend. Waking up sucks 'n junk.

11:53 poet said...

Thanks for the missing of me Kris. And don't worry about Daisy. Soshy and Vlady will toughen the lil gal up, with love. And if not, there is always a Spetznaz doggy training course she could take. By the end, she will be well versed in bomb detection, kung-fu and all variants of the Kalashnikov. Careful what you wish for Kris, you may have a rogue puppy on your arse. Lucky for you, she loves you, the rest of us aren't so lucky.

11:53 poet

harald benz said...

Nice hello from Molly to Daisy!
(The original Pet Shop Girls)

Kris said...

poet - My chick is quite tough and can hold her own... but she thinks she's a big dog, which could likely get her into trouble one day. And hey - she probably loves you too. She loves everyone. Except Bret Michaels.

Harald - Daisy waves a paw back! Pet Shop Girls - love it!

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