Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Know She's Living There & She Loves Me To This Day; I Still Can't Remember When Or How I Lost My Way

I dunno if it was that damn Super Moon on Saturday night or what, but my last post wins the prize for 'Weirdest Comments Ever'. Take a bow, guys. You earned it.

Sitting at my desk and looking out my window everyday, I see a lot of people go by.

Dog-walking, headed to the park, carrying their instruments to a gig, carting hockey gear to a game, jogging - they aren't sitting at their desks, people-watching like this chick. (But hey, don't get me wrong... people-watching is a lost art that I've truly mastered. You should be proud.)

It kinda makes me think, "Hell. I'm 27 and I don't know how to do a lot of things that I should know."

And so, in my pea-sized yet fantastically functioning grey matter, I've compiled a list o' things I'm determined to learn in the next little while:

- How to skate. I'm a bad Canadian. The first time I put skates on, I fell backwards and fractured my wrist. Got a little gun-shy and only pushed off of my left foot after that. Need to learn properly.

- How to play my guitar. This one's already in motion. My nails are cut down, I've contacted a guitar teacher (and some of my friends have been volunteering for years). Mama's ready to touch some Ziggy Stardust.

- How to cook... better. As a single girl living alone, I tell myself it's ok to live on pasta. My diet consists only of carbs; veggies don't exist. If I make myself learn how to cook different things, perhaps that'll change. (But not bloody likely).

- How to run in public. No, seriously. All these healthy people going for runs past my house at all hours of the day... they're making me wanna try it. And I can't run, so this one's not gonna be pretty. Don't expect video.

What are you gonna learn, huh?

And now, let us all marvel at the beauty and wonder of poutine.

Good day, blogworld.


Starling Social said...

It's okay, I can't skate either.

Mike D. said...

Good luck, Kris. You can do them all.

I love that daisy snuck into that first picture.

Johnny said...

My learning list of stuffs...

How to be more proactive

ok, so due to a recent epiphany I've forcing myself to be more proactive about my life. I've sat on my arse for far too long and am now attempting to break out of my comfort zone by dabbling in a little immigration. The cogs are already spinning on this one. My house is on the market, I'm giving away my video-game collection *whimpers* and my flights are being booked. Now all I need is a job...

How to be less sarcastic

This is a tricky one. Sarcasm is something which is engrained in to my very soul. It would be unrealistic to try and stop it altogether (not that I'd want to...), but I just need to learn that sarcasm has a time and place (all the time and everywhere!). I have the unique ability to offend people without even really trying... maybe it's a gift...?

How to play nicely with Maya

Maya is the name given to software that I used for for all my animation wizardry. However, I haven't used it since my Macbook Pro died (a year ago) and I have been finding every excuse under the sun to not use it again. It feels like a long-term relationship that I'm giving a second chance. It's damn hard to crack the whip on yourself y'know!

Aladnamedstu said...

join a running clinic. That is what laura did and look at her now. Gonna run a marathon.

Johnny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Johnny said...


You should start by cooking a nice chilli. It's easy-peasy and super yummy-scrummy. The only fresh veg you'd need are some peppers and onions.

Anonymous said...

Did you get some poutine with your cheese?

Kris said...

Alyson - Come to Toronto and learn with me ;)

Mike - Yep, I snuck her in. My webcam didn't erase her face like it did to mine.

Johnny - Your list is way more interesting than mine. And chilli I can do!!

Man o' Crabicity - I may look into it, I just don't know that I want it to be a huge hobby. (in other words, I'm a loser!) We'll see! Laura's awesome, I give her huge props.

Anon - That's how ya do it. All poutine must come with extra curds. That night, they did it right!

RealSuperKeith said...

You forgot to add poutine road trip to La Belle Province. One taste of 'la vraie poutine' and you'll forget all about the imitators here in TO.

Aar Supply said...

Bad enough you're living in Toronto, now you gotta tease me with poutine?

This means war.

Johnny said...


A few points

As for my list. Interesting maybe... Realistic? Maybe not.

As for your guitar. Scarlett O'Hara salutes your finger nails lost in battle.

As for your cooking. I always had a sense of pride that I could make a good chilli. Now I know YOU can make it too... I feel less special. I doubt yours would be as good as mine though. I'd suggest a chilli-off.

Kris said...

Keith - Oh no, it'll ruin all local poutine for me? Can I risk that?

Aar - So come on up, and we'll get some poutine! Are you still making your own? I gotta find good curds...

Johnny - Y'know, I'm not the hugest chilli fan... so I'll bet yours would win hands-down. I respectfully forfeit. :)

Gage1 said...

You know what, the first time I skated I ALSO fell backwards and broke my wrist! I was 8.

I've never felt the need to skate again.

Kris said...

Haha, another thing in common!

I was in grade 4, I dunno how old that is. I remember all the kids in my class making fun of me because I had never skated before, so showing up with my arm in a sling didn't help!

I tried taking figure skating classes cuz my mom wanted me to learn correctly... I just couldn't stop pushing off of only one foot.


Johnny said...

Get yourself some wrist protection.

Something like this


I invested in some impact shorts that makes me look like J.Lo, but keeps my bum safe. Best money I've ever spent!

PatZ said...

is it bad that when I scrolled down at first I thought "why's she taking pictures of a box of maggots?" this may have been immediately followed by "maybe she got a lizard or something."

and then I read it was poutine.

and then I thought it looked more like what I left all over the sidewalk on Pender after birthday'in it up at the Cambie a couple of weeks ago.

Kris said...


That is all.

krista zee said...

which poutinery is that from?

Kris said...

Smokes! Extra curds. :)

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