Wednesday, March 16, 2011

They Say Every Man Goes Blind In His Heart, & They Say Everybody Steals Somebody's Heart Away

Finally bit the bullet and unpacked my boxes of CDs.

It's kinda like taking a trip through my entire life up to now. Albums, artists, songs... they all remind me of certain places, people and times.

Especially if I stole...uh, borrowed... the CDs from people.

I'm more than well-aware that it's 2011. No one keeps CDs anymore. Everything's digital. (Yep, and they have internet on computers now!)

Yeah, yeah. My computer's filled with a quadrillion and a half songs, too. It's all a pissing contest, right?

But I refuse to part with my CDs. Even some I don't like and will never ever listen to again. And the ones I should be embarrassed to have mixed in with my good ones.

I keep 'em.

Maybe Maynard would punch me if he knew that my Tool CDs were once on either side of the Spice Girls' first album.

And there's a good chance that all Limp Bizkit albums should've been tossed after grade ten. But then how could I throw 'em on and remember how I used to sing the songs a bit too loud and profess my love for Wes Borland?

Come on now.

This is a CD I made for an ex a loooong time ago. All songs were meant to have some form of "meaning". And sure, they did at the time.

But really, I just made a kick-ass mix CD. Which is the reason I somehow (stealthily) managed to get it back.

Why let a perfectly good playlist go to waste?

Another mixed CD circa Grade 9 or so.

Awful left-handed penmanship.

I'll never throw it out.


There is nothing better than throwing on a really great CD and enjoying it with someone special.

That's why so many memories are associated with the songs.

It's time to make more memories.

So let's make 'em.


blepharisma said...

I spy a v01d C-Doo in there!

Kris said...

Thought you'd spy that!

Johnny said...

The intro of Flowers in December reminds me of a Bob Dylan track (which I can't remember), although maybe it's just the harmonica.

Kris said...

It's good stuff, both ways!

Shevy said...

I have a box of like 50 mixed CD's I made over like 3 years... I will NEVER toss them... even though they are mostly on my ipod... they are just way too fun. Especially since they are dated and have a name reflecting why the hell I made the mix.

Although all my CD's are in a book... and I have sorted the slightly more embarrassing ones into a different book... I just can't toss them.

My Dad has all his Records (like 300) and all his CD's (over 700, he has full 400 and 300 disk changers) that I'm going to happily steal one day. :)

I'm all for tactile music stuffs.

Kris said...

We must be related!

Mike D. said...

Some good cd's in there, Kris!

Kris said...

I try my best, D.

Anonymous said...

This is one reason I like you so much,

ghost said...

seems i have almost all of the music shown here. and i also refuse to let cds go. i love going to a music store and searching through something tangible, finding treasures, and bringing those treasures home. my brother has gone completely digital, but i have a closet of boxes stacked floor to ceiling with cds.

Kris said...

Anon - Because of my CDs?

ghost - Ah, sometimes we're so alike.

Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patrick's lassy!

Kris said...

Did you just call me St. Patrick's lassy? Who told?!

TC said...

Isn't it funny how quickly things become obsolete? I too have tons of CD's and even crazier I have literally HUNDREDS of albums, stored all over my condo, damn, records take up lots of space!

Kris said...

I love vinyl, but I haven't let myself buy any. I KNOW what would happen - new hobby, no room for it! :)

Danger owl said...


Those are mine!

Kris said...

Are not, dude.

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