Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You're Hungry, But I'm Starving

Slight blog hiatus occurred. Je m'excuse.

So, I was going through my "Spring 2011" photo folder, and found a bunch o' randoms. Some I had forgotten about.

And so, allow me to try to explain each photo in less than four syllables. Mostly cuz I'm a dork who enjoys syllable restrictions.

A dart win, bitch!

The crotch dart dude.

Some bar art... B'art?

Two-headed thing.

Candid monkeys.

Run, Daisy! Run!

What the shit's this?

Happy drunk Matt?

Blurtastic girl.

Domestic freak.

I am a witch.

Alright, I won't lie. Those captions suck as much as captions are permitted to suck.

Be my friends - gimme better ones. That's your challenge today, jerkturkeys.

Aaaand go!


Aladnamedstu said...

Two headed one should be. I wish this was mancrab's face I was holding!

Aladnamedstu said...

Leah's pic should be- Earthquake!!!!!!

Kris said...

Second one'll work, but the first one has to be under four syllables! ;)

Drew said...

I'm up for the challenge, first thing that enters my mind is the caption, just a warning this could be bad this early in the morning, apologies ahead of time.
1 crazy bar game 2 See my darts
3 physcadelic 4 I like pictures
5 what the fuck 6 a treat this big
7 don't mess around 8 happy smiling
9 whoa I'm dizzy 10 I got mugs
11 hmm bacon

Anonymous said...

Caption for the last shot:
"If I concentrate hard enough, I'll shoot laser beams from my forehead."

Kris said...

I shoot em out of my eyes!

Masuka said...

Alright Dog.. Listen here. I'm going to leave now, and try to play this guitar.. (I said TRY).. And I don't wanna hear you howl, or see you tear up this place.. or I'm going to FREAK OUT!!! ...

Kris said...

Four syllables! Just 4! Bah...

Anyhoo, she's gotten better. Mama's training has paid off. I left her alone today, and came home to no changes. Nothing messed up, nothing destroyed, nothing moved. Ye-haw.

Anonymous said...

I thought of good ones, but I can't put them here.

Kris said...

Why the crap not?

andrewii said...

Yeah, those captions did suck :D I can't think of better at the moment, brain doesn't function right before 9am.

Kris said...

Well, if you do it - it's gotta be under 4 syllables. :p

ghost said...

doors tshirt- everybody in, we're about to begin.

i dont follow rules.

Kris said...

You rock as always, mista.

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