Saturday, May 14, 2011

And Didn't You Know There Was A Choice? It's Never Yours, But Someone Else's Voice

A few days ago, I hit the Spoke Club for the launch of The Body Shop's new Body Butter Duo.

Mmm. Butter.

Brought along the charmingly handsome and handsomely charming Media Man Shaun Proulx as my hot date.

We sipped on cocktails and kept the servers comin' our way with the tasty appetizers while checking out the guests of the afternoon - Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. Y'know, the gold-medal figure skating duo from last year's Olympics.

See the connection? Body Butter Duo. Skating duo. Yeah, you get it.

They were cute.

I remember watching the Olympics with an ex last year, and debating whether they were together, he was secretly in love with her, or she was secretly in love with him.

I believe I was right, but I won't tell ya which opinion was mine.

Sucks to your ass-mar.

Oh look, another duo.

Apparently people become jealous when you have your own gold medal. Even when it's made of paper.

So I shared.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll remember Patrick, Shaun's fiance. Here, he models the gold medal name tag far better than I could ever hope to.

But this li'l guy wins hands down.

(Daisy is slightly pissed at me for this one. She'll get over it.)

As a long-time user of the Body Shop's Body Butter, I was more than happy to try these out. I get weirdly excited about new beauty products.

See? Some things make me girly.

But just some.



Alyson said...

Looks like mega fun, I love The Body Shop

Kris said...

Me too! I've been hoarding my last bottle of their original vanilla oil for the past... I dunno, ten years? I can't find anything like it that suits me, and it was discontinued a looooong time ago.

Anonymous said...

That dog is soo cute!

Kris said...

That's Jack - he's one of Shaun & Patrick's dogs. I love him.

Mike D. said...

What's a body 'butter'? Lotion of some kind?

Kris said...

Yeah, richer body lotions. Good stuff.

Peter said...

Oh, Tessa Virtue, you age-inappropriate Olympics crush.

Kris said...

She's in her twenties, no? Isn't everything over 18 fair game for crushes?


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