Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Farewell My Black Balloon, Let The Weather Have Its Way With You

The long weekend hit, and the weather was beautiful. Perfect for doing one of my favourite things... sitting on the deck with a beer.

Sadly, this chick was outta beer.

The horror! The anguish!

But it's as though the folks at Carlsberg read my mind (and empty fridge), as they sent me here:


I filled out some info and ended up with a Carlsberg status card. That card doesn't lie - I definitely deserved one.

Before that, you're taken through a video of your life via pictures, as this guy explains who deserves a Carlsberg. And who might not (tsk tsk).

The end result, of course, was that I deserve one.

Good choice, Carlsberg. Smart answer. I happen to agree.

If you head over to ideserveone.ca (logged into your Facebook) become a fan, get the 'I Deserve One" app and submit a story, you can win weekly prizes. Beer prizes. Those are the best kinds.

And since I deserved one? I had one.Or two.


Patio beers with friends.

Cuz, y'know... we deserved 'em.

And hell, you do too.


Masuka said...

Get the hell out of town!! I WANT FREE BEER!!!

huzzah beer!

I heart Carlsberg said...

Doe - is what I use to buy my beer
Ray - the guy who buys me beer
Me - is who I buy beer for
Fa-r -a long long way for beer
so - i think i'll have a beer
la - la la la la beer!!!
tea- no thanks I'll have a beer!
Which bring me back to......

mmm beer.

Kris said...

Hilarious. That seriously made me laugh.

BeerHaus said...

That's a cool link! Thank you kindly.

Kris said...

Drink wisely, BeerHaus!

Mike D. said...

I'm kind of expecting you to start a beer blog one day. Or a big mac / FGP one.

WeekendWarrior said...

Where was this link BEFORE the long weekend?

Kris said...

D - Hey, ya never know. But isn't that what this already is, pretty much?

WW - Aw, I have failed you.

Chuck said...

Is it sad that some of my most favorite moments in my life involved a beer somehow??

Kris said...

Nope. I'd say that's pretty damn normal!

May is Crying said...

I don't think there's anything better than beer... Except FREE beer.

Dan said...

If I enter this fabulous contest of Carlsberg's.. do YOU bring me the beer??? Cause I'll enter 1000 times.

Anton said...

You've done a good service by letting the world know of this beer that is free.

Anonymous said...

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