Monday, May 16, 2011

Knives Don't Have Your Back

Received this in an email:

Lately you've been holding back a bit on your site. Where are the posts about your love interests, the call outs, the stuff that makes you angry or get excited about? Bring back the Kristen edge!

The emailer went on further, but that was the crux of the message.

Since he's not the only one to ask what's up, I figured I'd answer in a blog post so I wouldn't have to bore everyone more than once.

I guess you're right. Lately I haven't been posting many rants or personal stuff. No depress-y posts or paragraphs of faux-hopeful words to push me along with whatever I'm doing.

Very observant, grasshoppa. Wax on, wax off.

Je m'excuse if that bugs you. But come on. Can ya blame me?

I won't be writing about my dating life until I find someone that I actually want to stick with. Wouldn't it be annoying to always read "Met some dude today. Not really into it. Went out with WhatsHisFace today. Not really into it."?


And "call outs"? I assume you mean when someone is being shitty and I give 'em their very own blog post o' bitchiness. 'Get ye behind me, Satan'-type stuff. Well, meh.

Instead, I just personally let them know that I don't need their bullshit and then keep my distance until they smarten up (if they smarten up). There's been a few. That's that.

As for stuff that makes me angry or excited, that applies to friggin' everything in my life right now. There's a lot going on. Good, bad, ugly... kinda scary and whattheshitamidoing, followed by confidence and hellyeahikickass.

Since moving back, it's all been about ch-ch-changes. Purging myself of negative stuff/people and concentrating on me. Taking some chances, but ultimately moving forward with what will make me happy. Or... less batshit crazy. Wh'ever.

I'll explain more as stuff happens. 'Til then, I'll try to bring the aforementioned edge back and let you folks in a bit, just so that you don't all run away from me.

Be my friend. I'll give you lollipops.

In the meantime, if you have any more questions - send 'em along. In the next Superlame VideoBlog of Doom, I will be answering any (stupid) questions you throw at me.

So ask away. I can tell you where babies come from, what my favourite colour is, why that guy got a restraining order from you, and much, much more.

Shazam. Kapow. And goodbye.


Masuka said...

I miss the ranting. Give us a lil' rant about something for old times sake...

Kris said...

I'll rant about YOU.

Mike D. said...

Who's that in the rabbit mask? Tell me that was not a date.

Kris said...

No, no... not a date.

Anonymous said...

That card on your forehead really works -- you should make that part of your wardrobe. In short order you'll have started a trend.

Kris said...

It's my new way to advertise for people. Business card forehead jewellery.

Anonymous said...

You wants questions? Here's one. Why don't you hold a date competition on your blog? Winner gets to take you out. Fun right?

Kris said...

Not sure how that would work, and I'd likely rig it anyway.

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