Friday, May 27, 2011

Lightning Is My Girl

Welcome to the end of a pretty damn busy week of stuff, junk and other things.

Most of it was busy due to business shenanigans as the new endeavor starts to take off. New clients, old clients, imaginary clients.

Projects and pitches and people, oh my!

But enough about business stuff. More about that some other time, mmkay?

I managed to squeeze in some non-work-related stuff, too. Like this video interview I was part of for Social Scratch. Also known as a perfect excuse to head to a bar in the middle of the day. I'm a thinker, y'know.

Thinking 'bout hops & barley, mostly.

They interviewed bloggers and social media folk for a video that'll run all over NXNE this year, just in time for their launch.

You'll see it. You know you will.

Even if all of my pearls of non-wisdom end up on the editing room floor, it was still fun. Great group of people.

Owly Images

Say cheese. Or something less predictable.

On Wednesday I got a last-minute invite to a TFC game. I don't think I had been to BMO Field since that Zidane game in '09.

Please note the dark sky. And the crowd of people who will soon disperse.

Cuz oh yeah. It rained. Holy crap, did it rain.

But my Partner-In-TFC-Watching for the evening quickly ran to the vendors to pick us up a couple of sexy waterproof ponchos.


You can't handle my sexy poncho. I understand. Judging by the look on my face, neither could I.

Have a poncho-rific weekend, folks. Stay dry.


Mike D. said...

Does this mean I have to come to Toronto then?

PatZ said...

I hope you made Jawa noises when you put that poncho on. Nothing says "I should be making random Star Wars creature noises" than a red rain poncho.

Kris said...

D - Yep. But for what, what do you mean?

Pat - It's likely that I did. Probable, even.

Mike D. said...


Jonathan said...

Hey Red Riding Hood, want some candy?

Kris said...

D - Ah, yes. You should!

Jonathan - Yes. Yes I do.

Jonathan said...

Open up and say awwww ...

ThisIsAndrew said...

Toronto is making it impossible to stay dry, clearly we all need sexy ponchos in a city where it rains every day!

Kris said...

Trend Watch 2011 - sexxxy ponchos!

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