Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bigmouth Strikes Again

Females everywhere get it daily. The whistles, the honks, the catcalls. Surely the most evolved and intelligent of our male counterparts cowardly showing their "appreciation", usually from the window of a moving vehicle.

Be still my heart, guys.

We're told to ignore them; it's just something that happens. So, most of us do. Myself, I usually just keep walking, or laugh it off. But, depending on the nature of what was yelled out the window at me, my reaction may be a nice "in-your-goddamn-dreams-buddy" style wave, or a smile and a middle finger.

But at what point does it become too much?

The other day I was walking home from the hardware store (yes, the hardware store), and a couple of guys yelled "SLUT" at me on a residential side street. I had to wonder what brought that on. Was it my Doors t-shirt? My loose-fitting ripped jeans? No, it was probably my running shoes and all the makeup I wasn't wearing.

The sluttiest of outfits, to be sure.

How about the time I walked home from a business meeting and some yard workers begged me for a smile while grabbing their crotches at me and calling me "honey"? Is that just another thing that women should ignore? Cuz I certainly didn't.

And shouldn't it be considered not normal for someone to yell "I'm gonna fuck your girlfriend" at my male friend while I walked down the street with him? Or any of the other random body part comments that I'm supposedly meant to be flattered by?

Come on. It's ridiculous.

Years ago, when I had my meek moments and was easily scared off, this type of shit made me not want to leave the house. Now? When I find myself wondering if an outfit will attract too much unwanted attention, I have to give my head a shake. While it's easy to have fun with the harmless comments, there is a point when it does go too far.

Being called a whore while dog-walking, and hearing a stranger's play-by-play about my ass as I walk by should definitely not be the norm - for any of us.

So what's the point of this long-winded tirade?

Fight it, ladies.

No matter what you're wearing or where you're going, you have every right to do so unbothered by these drooling troglodytes. If they cross a line, give 'em a reaction they aren't expecting. Own it.

Because I know that if & when I have a daughter, I never want her to feel like less than she is, just because of her anatomy and the comments that may be directed toward it.

And guys? The intelligent men know that genuine compliments work. This other crap that some of you yell at us is the reason you're perpetually single and have to resort to spewing things out the window of your friend's shitty "done up" '93 Honda Civic. Colour us unimpressed.

This hardware store slut has spoken.


Alyson said...

YES! You know, I honestly expected the lewd comments to go away after I went from a DDD to a C-cup, but honestly it's even worse now. Maybe because I'm more proportional? I have no idea, but I've resorted to yelling back at them. But does it even do any good? They seem to be hard-wired for idiocy.

I'm so sick of being treated like a piece of ass everywhere I go -even in front of Tyrone. Thank you for saying something about it.

Kris said...

Oh yeah, they don't care if you're with a guy. I think it then becomes a pissing contest somehow.

stark said...

Next time they yell, "I'm gonna fuck your girlfriend," you should yell back, "I already fucked yours!"

Kris said...

Oh, I usually yell similar things.

We should go for a walk, lady... show 'em what's what! ;)

Masuka said...

play by play of your ass??? That's EPIC!! .. I mean, that's terrible.

In all seriousness: I've never got the point of yelling something at a woman out of a car window and then speeding off?

Dinsy said...

I love the fact that you used the word troglodyte. I use it almost daily but nobody ever knows what it means.

Dinsy said...

I love the fact that you used the word troglodyte. I use it almost daily but nobody ever knows what it means.

Kris said...

Masuka - I always wonder the same. It's as pointless as pointless can get!

Dinsy - I use it often - it's a damn fine word.

ghost said...

that's the sorta thing that gets a guy hamstrung then beaten with a claw hammer in my neighborhood. you disrespect a woman, you get the claw. it's a rule.

Kris said...

THAT is an excellent rule.

Mike D. said...

No wonder you're staying single eh?

Kris said...

Nah, this is only a certain group of guys. I meet/know a lot of great ones, I'm just being picky. And a bit stupid.

TnA said...

If we stay quiet, can we still admire your ass?

Assman said...

Maximum gluteus maximus

Kris said...


claireBEAR said...

Uck - It's the worst. Funny thing though- hasn't happened to me in ages and then TWICE in 5 mins a day after reading your blog. Obviously the guys are NOT cool, or they would have already read the Shambled post and got the message.

Personally - I blank them. No time for it.

Having TJ with me is nice, too - he gets ALL the attention then ;)

Set 'em straight, Kris. One trog at a time. xo

Kris said...

Will do, Claire! I can't have these dudes wanderin' about our hood! TJ and Baby 2 deserve better! :)

Memphis Steve said...

Just moon'em. It'll shock most of them into a stunned silence. The rest will cheer.

Kris said...


Anonymous said...

Silence is best.

Like small children or dig, loud people just crave meaningful attention.

You should always just smile coyly and walk on.

It's killer.

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