Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Feeling Good Was Good Enough For Me, Good Enough For Me & Bobby McGee

Most people assume they know what my job is. That is, until it comes up in conversation.

"So, how's... um... wait, what do you do again? You write for a newspaper?"

Nah, not exactly.

"You write commercials at a radio station?"

Used to, yeah.

"You're a hitman for hire?"

You could say that, but shhhhh.

"You're a ninja unicorn?"


 So, what the hell do I do?

Well, I'm still a freelance writer. And I still do social media management for clients. But technically, those are just two aspects of the bigger picture.

I recently started a small creative agency, with a team of amazing freelance creatives. Any creative job a client needs done - from copywriting, graphic design, social media marketing, audio/video production, PR, etc - we do it. One-stop shop.

Yeah, you probably need us.

The website isn't up yet, but people are still finding me. For that, I give thanks to whoever is the ruler of the interweb. The team is constantly growing, and we're always looking for new talented folks and more great clients to work with.

Aside from that, I have other fun projects always on the go (some blog-related, some not), and am keeping busy. Quite frankly, my mascot thinks it's all a bit too much. She's overwhelmed.

So there ya have it. A vague description of what I do.

Don't lose sleep wondering anymore, ok? Go back to counting sheep, they're feeling neglected.

Poor, poor sheep.


Masuka said...

I'm your best employee by far.

Kris said...

Aw, you used the word "employee". I prefer "audio mastermind'.

Jetson Stamina said...

I accept. I only freelance write in short paragraphs about things in left field and only at my leisure. I want full benefits and a base salary. I have wicked awesome presentation skills and my tourettes are controlled when i take my medication which i always forget to do on mondays. So, happy to present on modays but will punctuate every sentence with "happy happy cunt nipple fart sauce. Go go go GO GO GO GO GOOOOOO neutron dance kaw kaw kaw kaw kaw caramels!!!"

When do i start?

Kris said...

Dude, you were hired before you even knew there was a job for ya.

Anonymous said...

You're awesome. 'Nough said.

Kris said...

Well, thanks!

Mike D. said...

If I know anyone who needs creative services, I'll refer them. Good stuff.

Kris said...

You're a good boy.

andrewii said...

Do you have my stapler?

Kris said...

Ha! PC Load Letter!

TJ said...

Hey Kris,
Did you know it's International Beer Day? Can you believe it!?!!

Kris said...

Woo hooo!!!

Let's celebrate, folks!

ghost said...

yes. i have your stapler.

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