Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Could've Been The Willie Nelson, Could've Been The Wine

This past weekend, I ventured up to Bobcaygeon for Shaun & Patrick's nuptials.

See? Up north-y.

You should probably be warned... there may be a crapload of photos. And when this post is done? There may be a crapload more, as I'm liable to steal 'em from my fellow wedding attendees.


Our original weekend cottage plans fell through, we so scrambled to get a car rented and find a dogsitter (Thanks Leah & Mitch!), then we drove up to look for a place to stay the night.

Managed to snag a cute little cottage right on the lake, about 3 minutes from the wedding.

Not too shabby for a last-minute rental.

The wedding location was amazing. Absolutely gorgeous.

A black & white themed affair, so everyone matched.

Except the beer. Damn rebellious beer.



I need to become rich so I can buy a lakefront cottage and escape the city as I please.

Now accepting donations to the Kris Needs A Kickass Cottage Fund.

Two ladies I've missed dearly, Donna and Sabrina.

Ah, the Proud FM days.

The groom & groom. Speech time.

Little impatient, Patrick? Hell, you've only been married for half an hour!

First dance. Cue pulling of the heartstrings and females whispering "why can't I find a man to look at me like that?"

Beautiful sunset, beautiful setting. Beautiful everything.

Almost looks like Shaun & I are standing in front of a fake background.

Can I go back there now, please?

Oh, the dancing.

I found The Gimp's new cane to be a perfect dancing accessory. I somehow managed not to poke anyone's eye out, or maim them beyond recognition. Success!

Fireworks at a wedding. Shaun & Patrick do it up correctly, friends.

So... They had 'Fireworks' in 'Bobcaygeon'. I may have been the only one at the wedding who believed it was a Tragically Hip-themed event.

Leave it to the straight girl.

Good times all around.

Congrats to the lovely couple - I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and killer wardrobes.


Alyson said...

this looks like fun x1000

Kris said...

It was!

Mark Singh said...

Very nicely done, new friend!

Anonymous said...

oh thank you for posting this, lovely....you and "The Gimp" as you call him were lovely guests to host. I am still exhausted but happy to have shared such a special day with our boys! Nicolle Weir

Kris said...

Mark - I'll be posting pics to Facebook soon, I do believe I have one of you dancing with the cane ;)

Nicole - Your place is gorgeous, and the whole thing was outstanding. I can only imagine how exhausted you must be!

Anonymous said...

No Guinness at a Black & White wedding?

Kris said...

Couldn't tell ya, I didn't check!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

That looks like it was a great time. Congrats to the couple from me too.

Kris said...

I'll pass it along :)

Krista said...

Bobcaygeon is legend! This wedding looks adorable, what a hot couple. Seriously.

Kris said...

Yep, tell me about it. Unfair for one couple to be that good looking!

Anonymous said...

You look perdy, miss!

Kris said...

Thanks, anon. But you should've seen everyone else.... yowza.

ghost said...

very hip. tragically so, even.

K said...

Exactly ;)

5:22 poet said...

I thought that picture with you and the gentleman named Shaun was really nice. You are a good looking couple.

I miss giant bonfires like the one you had. Fire is so warm, so inately tribal, its hard to gaze at it intensely and feel anything but comfortably hugged.

5:22 poet

Kris said...

We would make a good couple, you're right. Except he just married a much better looking man. Sigh.... c'est la vie!

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