Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Promise Carved In Stone, Deeper Than The Sea

Another weekend. Another great wedding. Another dress.

Just kidding, I wore the same damn one as last week.

Apparently my wardrobe is not season-appropriate. So instead of judging me, maybe you should volunteer to be my personal shopper.

Aside from my actual wedding date, I managed to snag two other dates for the evening. When your real date is in the wedding party, these extra dates come in handy.

Take note.

That is the smile of a married man, folks.

And this is the face of a perpetually single chick.

Most men will recognize this pose. It tends to mean that the word "no" is somewhere in there.

Or, depending on alcohol consumption, I may say "nein", "non", or "nyet". I'm cultural like that, si?

Two of us are very happy for Mark & Stella. One of us is surprised.

Now, in order to truly enjoy a wedding reception you have to lose yourself in the moment. Go where the feeling takes ya.

Vogue if you've gotta vogue.

Fight if ya gotta fight.

And if Rickety Cricket's Gimp Cane just happens to be available at yet another wedding?

Well, it's sure to make the rounds as a dancing accessory.

Stella, the gorgeous bride, makes it look classy.

I make it look ugly.

And Mark? Mark makes it a showcase.

I'll drink to that.

Good times. Cheers to the awesome couple.

In completely non-related news, we're in the middle of Toronto Beer Week. And if you haven't been to any of the hop-tastic events yet, I have two suggestions. My friends over at Indie Alehouse will be previewing some of their craft beers at The Burger Bar on Wednesday, and then at The Rhino (this blog should have royalties from all the Rhino mentions...) on Friday night.

So, if you like beer you should probably go. Because the Indie Alehouse isn't open yet and people are chomping at the bit to try their beers. Here's your chance, hosers.

Happy beer week!


Sean Ward said...

Ten out of ten.

Kris said...

YOU, sir, are a ten out of ten.

Masuka said...

Does this Indie Ale House brew anything I know? Is there a shambled pick I should know about?

Kris said...

The brewery isn't even open yet, but I'm definitely excited to make a 'shambled pick'. ;) But that's why these two events are cool, people can preview 'em.

Alyson said...

Adorable x10,000,000

Kris said...

Thanks, pretty lady.

Anonymous said...

I have one (1) suit. It's pretty cool. So I say, if you have an awesometastic dress that you look awesometastic in, there's no reason NOT to wear it whenever you can. Right?

Kris said...

In that case, I need to find a MORE awesometastic dress that I like even better. The hunt is on!

Anonymous said...

How did I know know there was a toronto beer week? Different than the august one?

Kris said...

Nope, that was Toronto Beerfest, I think. A lot of people seem to know about Beer Week. Strange! You should!

Mumbai Sexy Escorts said...

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Kris said...

Ohhh, good. I've been needing some sexy escort in Mumbai.

Might I make a suggestion? You should change it to "Sex-corts". Less syllables is always the way to go.

You're welcome. (I accept appreciation in the form of cash and poutine.)

4:28 poet said...

Me thinks she just called us all hoseheads. Me thinks I need to drink another Blue.

PS Can you handle the Mac?

Kris said...

What Mac?

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