Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lovin' You Was Like Lovin' The Dead

Ah, Halloween.

Didja know it happens every year?

This year, I'm without a costume. Was going to go out on a hunt for the perfect Wonder Woman get-up, but was too busy. Or too lazy. Whichever.

I suppose if I decide to head to one of the Halloween parties, I could always recycle a costume from past years...

Like Pamela Anderson, with no Tommy Lee this time.

But without the blonde hair, I'd just be a random whore-y looking girl. Unless I wore a sign that said "Tommy Lee gave me Hepatitis!"

There's always Angelina Jolie. I no longer have the fake foreign baby I carried around, and I think I ditched the vial of Billy-Bob's blood. But it's doable.

Anyone have 5-10 non-Caucasian babies I can borrow?

And Zorro Chick or whatever that was. Re-used some form of that costume for 2 or 3 years.

I keep forgetting that I wore a dark wig for all these costumes during the blonde days. S'pose it would be pretty damn pointless to wear it over my dark hair now.

And oh yes... Veronica Lodge. Complete with Betty, Archie, and the whole Riverdale crew.

If I was ever to bring back Miss Lodge, I'd have to cartoonify her more. Without the fake "Lodge Bucks" I made, it's pretty much just me in a dress.

Of all these, late-nineties Angelina seems like the only one that could still work. Won'tcha be my Billy-Bob?

...then again, I may just forgo all parties and be boring with my still-kinda-sick dog. And if so, you know I'll be having a Type O Negative living room dance.

And hell, I could always go out as Zombie Pete Steele! Sigh, RIP dude...


Vernon said...

That leather top is awesome. You could wear that and tell people you are whatever you want!

Kris said...

Haha that's pretty much what I've done every year with that top! ;)

Mr. Thornton said...

I'll be your Billy Bob!

Kris said...

Prove it. And gimme a vial of yer blood.

Mike D. said...

So what did you end up going as?

Kris said...


Masuka said...

Secrets.. pfff.. You stayed home and drank a beer by yourself didn't ya!

Kris said...


Did you dress up? Did you dress up Baby Masuka?

Wil said...

I'll take Paul Lynde to block, Peter. I have absolutely no idea what made me think of that but now I give it to you.

Kris said...

I AM a square. A Hollywood Square.

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