Friday, October 21, 2011

We Want The Airwaves Back

Oh, hi there.

It's Friday and I'm crazy busy, so excuse me while I use this post to self-promote the crap outta myself while you roll your eyes and seek out the next website to entertain you.

I apologize in advance. But do I mean it? Ah, who knows.

Shameless Self-Promotion #1:

I've told you that work has kept me busy. And some of you have emailed questions, wanting to know more. So... to make it easier (for me), just head on over to the Facebook page, press the 'like' button and let the adventure into my business begin.

You wanna be a client? Let me know.

You wanna join the freelance team? Show me your work, let me mock you for 3 whole minutes, and then we'll see. Come on, that's fair.

Shameless Self-Promotion #2:

On the topic of The Book of Faces, I also made a Shambled Ramblings page because some people bitched that there wasn't one. Moral of the story? Sometimes when you bitch, I'll listen.

Well, I'll either listen or kick you in the throat. Take your chances, monkeys!

Shameless Self-Promotion #3:

When Women Blogged The Earth is an article about me and 3 notable female bloggers in Toronto. So, read it. Or pretend you did, and say "Hey Kris! I read that article. Great quote about the stuff and other things. So poignant."

I'll know exactly which one you meant, of course.

Shameless Self-Promotion#4:

Do you live in Mississauga? Or Brampton? Or... whatever other cities are in that general area?

Cool. I don't, but that means you get to watch me on TV.

Next Wednesday at 9:30pm (while I'm at HarthFEST), check out 'Single In The City' on channel ten. I'm on the last segment, called 'He Said, She Said'. Watch me speak like an idiot, avoid all eye contact with the camera and be a jerkass to people.

And, uh... record it for me. Because I don't get it in Toronto, and will therefore never see it. So show it to me, because I enjoy making fun of myself a bit too much.

Self-promotion - over!

Enjoy the weekend, freaks and geeks! This chick is Niagara-bound.


ghetto.punk.chic said...

We don't just want airtime....we want all the time, all of the time.

Kris said...


Alyson said...

I read yr words and liked 'em :)

Kris said...

Aw, thanks lady!

Mike D. said...

If I had Facebook or lived in Mississauga, I could do all of those things.

Kris said...

You should anyway!

andrewii said...

Hey Kris! I read that article. Great quote about the stuff and other things. So poignant.

Kris said...

Hahahahaha... well-played.

Drew said...

Here's promotion #5, or as I like to call it endorsement #1
I'm a client of the mediahaus and I couldn't be happier with the work they do. Kris is professional, knowledgeable, damn creative, friendly, and a joy to do business with.
I highly recommend the mediahaus!

What are you doing waiting, contact them now!

Great blog Kris! Nothing wrong with a blog full of self-promoting!

Kris said...

Drew, it's awesome clients like you that make my job a fun one. Thank you so much for the kind words!

Kris said...

Oops, I lied - the show is on tonight.

andrewii said...

Sorry I had to, couldn't resist it really.

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