Thursday, October 27, 2011

You're The Star Of The Masquerade

Last night I grabbed some friends and headed to 99 Sudbury for HarthFEST (thanks Sean!).

Two rooms, two vibes, a boxing ring stage.

Some band action, some burlesque action and some Andy Milonakis action.

Good times.

Got to meet some people I've been talking to for awhile, luckily proving that I'm not really Polkaroo to the online scene-people.

Saw a lot of familiar faces that I should've said hi to (and wanted to), but I'm the idiot that assumes they'd have no idea who I was and be creeped out by this weirdo chick who knows their name. This is why I always feel a hundred times better when said familiar faces approach me. *whew*

I've said it before - I'm an introverted extrovert, and a social dork.

I make friends with complete strangers, but become a bit shy with those I kinda-slightly-almost know.

Thanks to Steve for sending me all the pics he took - my ancient Blackberry was half dead and could no longer take any photos.

Yeah, yeah, bring on the Blackberry jokes. Heard 'em. Thanks.

Upgrading soon, leave me alone!

I kinda want a boxing ring for my living room. I think it would be a nice touch; a conversation piece.

And that way when I threaten to punch people in the throat (which I often do), I'll have the proper place to do so.

Watch yerselves.

Likely cursing at my phone in this pic, or proclaiming my love for Affan via Twitter.

Great shot of Sarah, Steve's awesome girlfriend.

She had a not-so-secret admirer of the night. I can't say I blame the dude!

All in all, a good night. It promised to be a "colourful event" and it sure as hell was. Kudos to those who put all the planning into it - hope it turned out exactly the way you expected!

Sadly, most people I ran into last night have ended up with a similar pic of me on their phone. Je m'excuse!

As for today, I have a sick Daisy to attend to. Looks like a night of cancelled events swapped for dogsitting!


Affan said...

I love you I love you I love you I love you.

Kris said...

Is my AffanScore still BBQ?

Mike D. said...

What was harth fest for?

Wil said...

If the title of this post is a Dio reference like I think it is it only reaffirms my love for you once again!

Kris said...

D - it was an after party for An Android event.

Wil - A Dio reference indeed. But why would we need to reaffirm your love? Did it waver?!?! Ah, hell.

Anonymous said...

Great meeting you.

Beers sometime in November. DOOOOOO IIIIIIT!

Kris said...

You got it!

Masuka said...

awh you were practically at my house.

Kris said...

I know! I invited ya, Chicago-boy.

Anonymous said...

That last snap is a great one. Nice teeth!

And, er, tonsils and tongue.


Kris said...


OkCupid said...

I saaaaw you.

Kris said...

Oh? Were you the one makin' out with Plenty of Fish before grinding with Lavalife?

ghost said...

sarah looks a lot like my friend brandi.

what did the blackberry say to the iphone 3gs?

Kris said...



ghost said...

i was hoping since you had heard them all you could tell me.

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