Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Like Two Sweet Peas In An Even Sweeter Pod

Today is Daisy's BirthAversary.

Her made-up birthday (because no one knows her exact age or birth date), and the anniversary of the day we rescued her from the evil pantless crackheads.

I've had her for 3 years now so, for all fictional intents and purposes, she's 6 years old.

Even at the ripe ol' age of 6, my girl's still got it.

Yesterday at the park, a lady told me that she'd pay over 3 thousand bucks to take Daisy off my hands.

Not too shabby for a crackhouse puppy mill rescue dog, eh?

I could use that 3 grand, too.

But no. I've become slightly attached (read: overly obsessive and crazy-dog-lady-in-love) to my chick, hence all these bajillion phone pictures of her.

She's all I've got.

So Happy BirthAversary, my girly.

Thanks for the cuddles, the cute pig noises, and the attempts to find me a boyfriend in your awkward doggy way (you can stop that, though).

Thanks for being the kinda dog that even dog-haters love.

Thanks for curling up on my lap if I'm crying, and jumping around like a wonky drunk bunny if I'm laughing.

Thanks for going in the fridge that one night and leaving a beer by the couch for me.

And thanks for being the best damn dog ever. Now let's go chase some shit.

(Sentimental Kris moment - over.)


ghetto.punk.chic said...

I spy with my little eye.....Justyoushutyourmouse. Happy Birthaversary puppers! Love & cuddles from your Auntie Leah.

Kris said...

Yeah! Justyoushutyourmouse LIVES! It was a present from her Auntie Leah, so she likes to cuddle it.

Anonymous said...

Happy day, doggy!

Kris said...


Mike D. said...

Aw, happy birthaversary to her. Did you get her anything?

Kris said...

Hmm... yes. A chance at a new, crack-free life where she didn't have to be overbred anymore.

....ok, no. I let her sleep on my arm for awhile. That count.

PatZ said...

Bernard peed on a bush and ate his dinner in solidarity with Daisy's birthday. Now he's having a birthday nap for her. Dog's totally get each other.

Kris said...

Daisy would like to extend some doggie high fives to her new best dude, Bernard.

Drew said...

Sweet post Kris! Hector sends a "woof" for this awesome day, he was going to share his special dinner, but he couldn't resist and ate it all.
Happy BirthAversary Daisy!

Kris said...

Happy BirthAversary to Hector, too! Small world :)

Mich said...

You have such a cute puppy. She really left a beer for you?

Kris said...

Yep. Before I started crating her, she'd go in the fridge while I was out, and hide all the food throughout my apartment. But one night, she went in and only took out a beer.

She knows me well ;)

Maggot said...

You have such a cute puppy. She really left a beer for you?

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