Friday, December 16, 2011

She Gave Away The Secrets Of Her Past, And Said I've Lost Control Again

 Ah, Friday.

The day of the random blog post - for updates and extra junk that spills outta my wee brain, with accompanying pictures that are mostly dog walk-related.

Is that not exciting for you?! Come on.

Considering it's about a week before Christmas and I'm not at all ready, I went to the good ol' Dufferin Mall last night to look for some proper gift-age.

Found nothing, other than groceries. Although there was free dinner for my buddy and I at Teriyaki Experience (merci Slam Buy). So it wasn't a total loss.

Speaking of Christmas, I guess it's time to announce the winner of the Sobey's contest...

The gift card is going to you, J. Reynolds - your heartstring-puller of a comment was a hit. So send your mailing address to, and it'll go out to you right away.


Now don't forget to enter the other contest from Ricky's Big Scoop. Cuz dude... it's food. Awesometastic food. I'd never steer ya wrong.

So win that thing, cuz I can't.

I think there are mozza sticks there. And anyone who has read this blog long enough (or met me for more than 5 minutes) knows how crazy nutbar I am for mozza sticks. I'm having memories of late-night FGPs with the old St. Catharines Booze Crew...  Fat Girl Platter Reunion, anyone?

Since today is the 16th, I have to give a birthday shout out to my dear big seester Steph, cuz the anniversary of her exit from our lovely mother is tomorrow.

So happy birfday, Steph! (Now, everyone else wish her a happy birthday... do it!)

And for my fellow beer lovers (Steph, this may also be of interest to you), the awesome Indie Alehouse folks will be featured at The Brewery Market event on Sunday.  So, you should go. Because it's delicious. And it's Christmas themed. What more do you people want?

Happy weekend, pigdonkeys! Til next time...


Aaron said...

"Exit from our lovely mother"

You should put that on the cake along with some graphics. Placenta in fondant, anyone?

(And don't look at me - you started it!)

Kris said...

I know. My mom likely won't be happy about that. But... it's better than what I originally wrote. I think.

Tristan Cuschieri said...

I'm eating mozzasticks now because of you. Thanks for that.

Kris said...

Why aren't you SHARING! For the love of Deftones, Tristan! Send 'em my way!

Anonymous said...

I read the words, I promise. But those are some great photos lady.

Mike D. said...

I agree with anonymous. You make a leafs hat look good! The other pictures... is that first duck picture real? And what is that barbie doing?

Happy yesterday birthday to your sister!

Kris said...

Anon - Thanks!

D - Both duck pics are real, yep. I dunno what that Barbie was doing. Someone put her on a fence in High Park awhile back.

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