Tuesday, January 17, 2012

She's A Diamond That Wants To Stay Coal

When I go out, I often forget to take photos.

And when I do take them, they're usually left on my phone and forgotten until weeks later.

So I decided to take a gander through my random shots - because the whole point of pictures is to remember those nights and capture moments (which usually consist of me being an idiot).

Like my absolute giddiness to be holding Masuka's bowtied dog, Oakley.

And the booze wall at my buddy's unnamed-yet-kinda-named bar at 1602 Dundas W.

Without a picture, I may have forgotten about the dude who made me try to do The Worm, yet another night at the nameless bar. 

(I didn't succeed. It was push-ups all the way).

And, ok... maybe I just have a vast collection of photos from random nights at my friend's bar.

But years from now I may look back and say "Aw, remember that bar? What was it called again?" and there'll be no answer. See? Memories!

Why did I take this?

Who knows. Possibly to show that I'm good at multi-tasting, or that the Raptors are good at losing. A random moment in time.

This photo serves as a reminder - when I was young, I thought this statue-holding-lady was actually Susan Sarandon.

It may be because I was watching Little Women at the time, but it took years to convince me otherwise.

I had forgotten until recently.

Photos from last night at The County General were a must. You can't see it, but Joel's eating a veg dish.

A rareity.

This here blurry goodness is a smorgasbord of  delicious happiness.

And THAT my friends is why you take pictures. To remember the un-shitty stuff and reflect on the tasty... um, I mean awesome... times.

...and maybe some bitchfaced times.

Either way.

You get it.


Masuka said...

What does Daisy think of you cheating on her with a long, dark, bowtied wiener?

Kris said...

Why ya gotta make it pervy?

She's fine with it.

Masuka said...

Better question: Why WOULDN'T I make it pervy?

Kris said...

Excellent point. Carry on, my friend.

Mike D. said...

The worm?

Kris said...

Yes. Like Hans Wermhat.

Except, not. The dance. Y'know?

Alyson said...

Hot bitchface.

Also: I totally take pictures & forget all the time. Good to know I'm not the only one.

ghost said...

you mean thats not susan serandon? damn it!

Kris said...

Alyson - You're never the only one - peas in a pod, we are. Faraway peas.

ghost - Hahaha, it LOOKS a damn lot like her. I still remain unconvinced sometimes.

Friend said...

Your pictures always seem to tell a story, Kris. That's a good thing!

Kris said...

Thanks! Now... when ya gonna tell me who you are, huh?

Friend said...

I'm a friend. :)

PatZ said...

Dibs on the bottle of Laphroaig Quarter Cask on the middle shelf. And the Laphroiag 10 year behind it. And the Talisker. and the Bowmore 12. and the Glenrothes. And the MacCallan. and the Ardbeg 10 year. so much the Ardbeg.

He can keep the Johnnie though. can't tell if it's black or green label from the light though... gonna assume black label. that stuff is for mixing.

I'll share the Glenlivet 12 and 18, the Glenfiddich 12 and 18 and the Glemorangie though.

I want to say there's five bottle of The Balvenie next to the JW black... and there's been one dram of the 21 drank. Why would he have five bottles of Balvenie? you should ask that. kind of a waste to have the 18 and 21 on there, not many people go into a bar for that. swap it out for a Caol Ila 12 year or a Mortlach.

then you should tell him there are many fine choices on that shelf.

than you should tell him to get more Islays.

Kris said...

Pat... come visit, we'll go clean his bar out!

Peter said...

Susan Sarandon! Ha! Awesome.

Great G n' R tshirt!

Kris said...

Thanks buddy! Long time no chat, hope all's well with you!

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